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I found an old book a few years ago "THE CUTTER'S GUIDE" A MANUAL OF DRESSCUTTING AND LADIES' TAILORING, by M.E. Roberts, published in Sydney in 1928.  At the back of the book, I found guidelines for form (what we now call style) and colour, and I'm sharing these with you over the next few weeks.

This guide was written specifically for women's styling. The language used is so different from our very direct way of speaking ninety years later, but the principles outlined  are as sound now as they were then.   Please enjoy them :)

(This weeks post is a little shorter than most of this series).

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17.  No ornament should be put in just for ornament's sake and without a reason for its appearance.  Every line must end somewhere, for some purpose.  Whatever is inherently false is sure to be bad form.

That's it for this week - I guess paraphrasing the above in today's idiom - too much bling is not a good thing!

Next week the 1928 guide will be discussing materials used in garments.

Sarah Liz :)


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