Knitting for our coming winter.

I woke up rather jaded today after two very long days at work, and needed some quiet time. So, I went back to my knitting project, started at the beginning of the year - the height of our summer.  It might seem a daft idea knitting mohair in the heat, but I have found that if you wait until its snuggly knitting season, the garment isn't ready to be worn in the same season.  So I start well ahead. 

I'm making a long cardigan jacket with collar and pockets to wear as a casual cover up when its cold.  I used to have a gorgeous blazer - I wore it for about 20 years until it got so tatty it had to go.  I need to make a new one, but I haven't got around to it yet! 
From Patons Book 1213, for Lush Mohair.

I had some mohair yarn in my knitting stash but nowhere near enough to make this garment, so I found some boucle yarn to mix in with the mohair. The colours tone reasonably well, and it adds some texture and interest. The photo shows the difference in colour very well - in real life it is not quite so obvious.

Knitting in progress
I've done the back, and the tricky parts of the front - putting the pockets in and making sure I have both a right and left front.  I sometimes get caught out on this one as I don't knit as often as I would like.

Well, a few more rows tonight and then an early night for me!

Sarah Liz:)


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