Liberty Buttons

How do you refashion an uninspiring cardigan quickly?

Self cover buttons in a lovely print work really well. I had some scraps of Liberty lawn and covered a few  one inch (2.5cm) self cover buttons.  I love self cover buttons, they can get you out of lots of button problems!

The cardigan was a very cheap one that I bought at a market stall - it's a viscose cotton mix - I had gone out with a summer dress on, and then the weather changed quickly, so I needed something.  I hate throwing things out, but after some time of not wearing this cardigan, I decided to re-invigorate it and let it have a life.

Here it is wearing the new buttons:

I'll enjoy wearing this now!

Tomorrow I'll post the results of my pants crotch experiment.

Sarah Liz :)


  1. Sarah Liz, i love the self.covered buttons! I never used them in my self made clothes yet, they look kinda intimidating to make, but i have some kit for it from the thrift shop that i have been keeping in the stash forever... Xxx Far

    1. Hi Far - thank you - they are actually really easy to make, just cut out a circle, running stitch all around (double thread in needle) put button in centre of circle of fabric, draw running sitch up so fabric gathers around button, snap on back of button.

  2. This is a lovely idea! That way of changing the boring look of any garment is so clever!

    1. Thank you Rosy - sometimes I use self cover buttons in a different texture to the garment, but not patterned to add textural interest.


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