Liberty Print Scarf

Victoria at  attempts to sew or do sewing related activities for a minimum of three hours a day as a form of sewing self improvement program.  Visit her blog to get her take on what she actually does, but I thought there is much to learn form her approach.

Quite a few of us don't carve out a little sewing for me time, and I am certainly in that category, which is why Victoria's Fearless February challenge was a good push start for me. While I do not have Victoria's desire to devote a 3 hours a day to developing her sewing skills and knowledge base - or rather I know my own limitations, life demands, obligations and responsiblilities - I have decided that I must not allow them to take total priority over my desire to also improve my sewing skills. So I have decided that I can afford 30 minutes a day - over time that adds up, and on some days, quite a bit more.

Today was a 30 minute day, as I had to go to work.  So, I found my small piece of Liberty lawn and quickly made a scarf out of it - all I did was complete a machine stitched narrow hem around 4 edges of a rectangle. I love Liberty prints, but unfortunately, worn as a blouse or dress - Liberty prints do not like me!

So, here is how I will wear this lovely Liberty print:

Liberty Lawn - Scarf

Sarah Liz :)


  1. Such a pretty scarf! I like Liberty fabric a lot, I hope I can find some over here. Great idea to give yourself sewing time, it's actually good for your health I think. And I have a silly question: since the fabric terms are new to me, what does "lawn" mean?

  2. Elise, I think you live in Germany, is that right? You can buy Liberty print directly from Liberty in London by mail order. It is such a beautiful shop, I am lucky to have been there. All the fabrics are posted on Liberty's web site. If you like sewing, I think it is good for your health - in fact, the W.H.O. suggests that everyone do something they enjoy for a part of each day for good mental health (and it is impossible to separate mental and physical health). And it is not a silly question to ask what lawn is - there is nothing wrong with not knowing and being a beginner in the field. So, Lawn: "a light, fine cloth made using carded or combed linen or cotton yarns. The fabric has a crease-resistant, crisp finish". Liberty lawn is a particularly finely woven lawn. I had a thought regarding your skirt - I suggested grosgrain may work around the waistband, another ribbon used is petersham - already curved for waistbands. Ask any question you like, I will enjoy answering, and if any one else would like to join in, please do so.


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