Mistakes happen so make the most of them...

Hello everyone,

Some of us make mistakes when we sew - I certainly make plenty.  Use them as an opportunity for a little bit of creative improvement!

I made a mistake with the collar of this coat.  The collar was not attached to a facing but was bound.  the bound edge was placed over the undercollar/coat seam, and then stitched down.  

While most of the collar looked okay, something was wrong near the centre front of each collar.  I could have ignored it, because no-one would know from the outside, but I knew I would be annoyed every time I put it on and saw the problem.

Which meant I would never wear it.  My lovely cherry red coat.  Something had to be done.

(In my defence, I had not been able to sew for quite a few years because of other commitments - and while you don't forget entirely, certainly the lack of practice shows!).

I found the pure wool fabric in an op-shop.  I think it probably dated back to the 1960's before wool was treated so it did not shrink so much as soon as it got a drop of water on it.  I washed it because it had been living goodness knows where for a long time.  I knew that the fabric would shrink, and it did, but it became thicker and a little felted.  Even better for a plain, simple, winter coat.  

From memory I used a New Look pattern that I don't have any more.  It only has front pieces,  a back, a one piece sleeve, cut on front facing, one piece sleeve,  a collar (two pieces of course) and patch pockets.  I added a lining.  It sewed up beautifully.

So   I was very upset when something just didn't quite sit right inside at the front edge of the collar.  It looked okay closed:

Okay when closed.

Yes, closed not too bad.  And you can see how thick the wool is by looking at the collar points - maybe the thickness contributed to the collar/facing/binding intersection problem.

Let's look inside:

Suffolk puff peeps out.
The mistake was obvious with coat worn open a bit - you can see a little bit of rosette peeping out - well, that was where the problem was.

Suffolk puff at junction of collar and facing.
I think that sort of looks quite cute.  So, the problem was solved!  And I really like the cheeky little rosette.
Sort of goes with the gamin looks of the coat - sort of British looking homespun/handmadey Margaret Howell-y looking. Just right with a beret.

Good luck with your sewing projects,

Sarah Liz :)


  1. I think you did a great job creating your coat< I know what you mean working hard on something then have it not quite right at the end, I was at the end of my blouse & it wont button round my belly ughhh! lol! not good for review pictures lol!

    1. Hi Helen, thank you - and oh dear about the blouse - no doubt you will post so I will pop over to your blog and have a look see at your post about the blouse. :)

  2. That's a pretty coat and any imperfection will only be known by you.

  3. Sarah I added my email address to a new post for the sewalong pictures.
    Its fayedoll(at)cox(dot)com

    1. Ooops dont know my own email address. Its fayedoll(at)cox(dot)net not com. Sorry!

    2. Hi Faye - I frequently have the same problem! Thank you.

  4. I can't even see any problems you could be referring to! but it is a really good idea to go back and fix things up if you are not happy with them, even though it might seem like a pain at the time. Your coat is absolutely beautiful! I love the colour.

    1. Hi Carolyn - thank you! Yes, fixing things is more a matter of pride in what you are doing, I think, and not a bad thing. I'm laughing at the pain at the time comment - too true! :)


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