My lovely Liebster surprise...

I had a lovely surprise this week when Far from Memoryseed - blog link   -  nominated my blog for the Liebster Blog award.  For those of you who don't know Far, she makes all sort of things from recycled fabrics or clothes which is a really eco- sustainable approach to garment or craft design.  Pop over and have a look at her  beautiful work. 

As you can imagine I am thrilled to receive this award so a very big thank you to Far.

The reason for the Liebster award is to acknowledge to efforts of new bloggers and to introduce them to new readers.  The award is a form of chain blog acknowledgement.  No-one quite knows how it started, and it seems that there are two main variations going around about what the nominee and nominator must do.

 These are:

 1. - that the nominated awardee must post 11 random facts about themselves.
     - that the nominated awardee must post 5 random facts about themselves.

2. -that the nominated awardee must answer 11 questions that the nominator asks them and post them.
    - that the nominated awardee must answer 5 questions that the nominator asks them and post them.

3.- that the nominated awardee nominate in turn 11  blogs with less than 200 followers to pass on the  Liebster award  to.
    -that the nominated awardee nominate in turn 5 new blogs to pass on the Liebster award to.
4.  Link back to the blog that nominated you for the award.

So, I am not sure which is the correct version, and I don't really mind.  What I like is the sentiment behind the award.  

I think Far is using the shorter version (5) of the Liebster award. 

Okay,  now to my part of the process:

1. The awardee (that's me) is asked to share information about themselves that is not otherwise posted on the blog.  I will post 11 random facts today and that ticks that criteria off the list.

(I have never done much "About Me" on my blog, because I have concentrated on blogging about sewing - or related areas, not really wanting to make the blog "About Me".   It looks as though I have to come blinking out of the woodwork and into the bright light of day now!).

2.  Far must ask me some questions.  I will have to wait for these questions.

3. I also have to nominate other new bloggers (who must have less than 200 followers) as part of the award conditions.  This is a seriously daunting part of the task for me.  I certainly believe in the idea of spreading the word and good feeling around about new bloggers.  The problem I have is that I like everyone's blog - they are always reflective of the person writing them, and, as you will discover later when I write "About Me"  I accept all people for who and what they are unjudgementally.

So, if a blog is only written once a month, by someone who is perhaps struggling with lots of life issues and only has one or two followers, I find that as good a blog as one written by someone with more time, life skills and personal resources and perhaps a huge social circle, who can create an excellent daily blog.  Because a blog is reflective of the person writing it, and I do not like to judge or criticise another fellow blogger - I prefer acceptance and positive acknowledgement of another person.

A lot to do, but  as Far pointed out, I don't have to do this straight away, so I shall be watching blogs over the next few months and nominating some of you.  If you are interested in me finding you, please do let me know, cos it is not always easy to find the new bloggers.  Do this by comment or by following me ( and no, I am not "touting for new followers", but when I have a follower, I always reciprocate by following your blog - to me it is civil and polite, and we all have much to learn and share with each other).

What I will do today is post the Eleven random facts about me.  For me, this is probably the most difficult part of the challenge as I am not really an out there sort of "About Me" type of person.  AND - I AM A VERY ORDINARY PERSON, JUST LIKE YOU!

 So, I shall put the kettle on, settle down, and get it over and done with :)   Back soon.


1. The first thing I do before writing a blog post is make myself a cup of tea.

2.   I was born in the United Kingdom

British coat of arms
3.  I emigrated to Australa at age 10.

Australian coat of arms

4.  I have lived in many places in Australia including Alice Springs.

Road through central Alice Springs, N.T. Australia.

(Image sourced from Territory/Alice Springs/photo 1226813.htm.)

5.  I am married to a lovely man who works too hard.  

My husband.
(this sculpture was done by one of clients who was an art student.  After she made it she gave it to him.  We dont't think she knew what to do with it.  Neither do we.  So it sits in a little corner.)

(P.S. we don't have children unfortunately as we married later in life).

6. My first career was in nursing.

My original registration badge.

7. I have also completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours 1st Class) in Screen (media) Studies and Drama.

Tragedy/comedy masks.

(image sourced from ).

8. While studying I also made wedding dresses. 

simple wedding dress I made

9. I live in an old character house with lots of nooks and crannies and leadlight making it awkward to find the right light and space for photographs for the blog.

The front door and porch
10.  I also hold  a graduate diploma in Psychology.

(Understanding CBT byt Szymanska, K and Palmer S.  Full of useful techniques for stressed out sewists!)

When all else fails: 

11.  I keep a stash of chocolate hidden in my sewing nook (where the lovely h won't find it) under some knitting catalogues for those trying times.

Nothing in here of interest
Except underneath.
That's quite enough about me for one day!

Now back to the Liebster award.  Once again, I want to thank Fay for nominating me.  Its so lovely knowing that people actually like and enjoy my blog - which is one of the main reasons I write it.

I will be nominating blogs that have less than 200 followers who  might want to be nominated for this award.  If you do, please, please, please help me by letting me know of your existence!

Until I have fulfilled all the criteria of this award (which may take me some time), I feel uncomfortable posting the award on the sidebar of my blog.

So, I am going to put the Honourary Liebster Blog Award on my blog. That way my conscience is satisfied.

And you might feel more comfortable with this version too - so let me know!


  1. What a lovely insight in to what makes you tick! I got given an award before Christmas - and other than thanking SewRuth for giving it to me I've done nothing yet to follow through. I love your picture sequence. Maybe I'll try something similar....

    Off now to wander further around your blog! :)

    1. Hello Sally, thank you, you never quite know what to say! Please enjoy the wander, and I'll be visiting your blog over the next day or so. :)

  2. Congratulations, Sarah LIz! Well deserved recognition. Thanks for sharing some about yourself - very nice (and love the chocolate stash!)

  3. Congratulations on the awards and good to know I'm not the only one who likes a little chocolate treat every now and then :)

    1. Thank you Chris, and yes, we are a select group, we secret chocolate treat eaters. :)

  4. Hi Sarah Liz! Happy Easter to you :) thanks for accepting and for sharing! I love your self made wedding dress and the secret chocolate stash,hehe. I'll think of some questions to ask you and get back to you next week.;) oh,do u have questions for me?? Until then it's sew sew sew time for me...

    1. Hi Far, thank you! I've had a llok at your recent blog post and your top is gorgeous. I think you have to ask me the questions, and I have to ask who I nominate some questions. I think that is how it works.

  5. Congratulations on receiving an award well deserved! It was nice to learn more about you. As Chris said, ti's also nice to know that I am not the only one who regularly partakes in chocolate goodness!

  6. Hi L, thank you, I am chucking over everyone's little guilty chocolate confessions!


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