Sewing my own wardrobe for the year ...

  • I look forward to meeting everyone taking part in this challenge - and wish you all the best of luck.
I think this will be a great opportunity to make some of those garments you really have been meaning to make, and for me, at least, a chance to use up some of the huge stash that has taken over my house, my life etc.  I am using March to join another challenge - you'll find that on the post before this one on my blog, called, unimaginatively (but then my imagination has got me into planning too many projects that will never happen, so practicality rules today!) "Fitted blouse contest on PR".

I'm also thinking about what I shall make for the start (April 2013) of sew your own wardrobe for a year challenge.  I recently saw a great pair of RTW trousers in a patterned stretch twill.  Normally I wouldn't wear patterned trousers, but this was a conservative label, and they looked fantastic. They were paired with a royal blue trench.  I've got a trench a never wear (because I don't have anything to really go with it) so I rushed to my local fabric store - because I had seen a fabric very similar some months ago - and yes, they still had some - better still, being sold off!
Stretch cotton drill.

I have a pattern already purchased that may work for these trousers - like everyone, I have challenges fitting pants. I'll try it out.
Kwik Sew 3540

Time to go and do some sewing now for the fitted blouse contest (and if anyone wants details, please visit

Sarah Liz:)


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