Welcome New Followers...

I would like to welcome my recent new followers : Faye, L, Gwen, Nanna, Juanita, Lwlamona.

I do hope we all learn from and enjoy each other's blogs in the future - I think the great part of blogging is the interconnectivity which allows the sharing of ideas and friendship.

I have previously welcomed Allison, Lisa, Elise, Velosewer, Animat, Nothy Lane, Mocha Scrapper, Dorothy Dot Dot, Jenny, and Victoria.  But I would like to also send  a special hello to all of you as well.

Sarah Liz :)


  1. following you now through the bloglovin.com website ;) best wishes!!

    1. oh and i forgot to say, that is s very pretty camellia, our side yard is full of them right now!

  2. Hi, firstly thanks for following - I've got to add my bloglovin button - will do that this weekend - trying to choose which one lol's. Camellia's are beautiful - your yard must look absolutely gorgeous at the moment.

  3. It's been a pleasure finding you out there in blogland!


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