Welcome New Followers

Every Sunday I welcome New Followers to my blog - and this week I would like to welcome Judith, MAD14kt, and BeaJay.

I also welcome anyone who has recently followed me on BlogLovin - unfortunately I don't know who you are, which means I can't visit your blog and say hello to you and see what you blog about.

I do like to read all my blog followers blogs so I get to find out about you and your interests as well.  Not only do I love getting your comments, but I also like to comment on yours as well.

Once again, welcome, and I look forward to getting to know you all a little better...

Have a wonderful week, wherever in the world you are...

Sarah Liz   : )


  1. I find Bloglovin a bit difficult that way too. I love your blog though - I follow in blogger which I think will not change when Google Reader does.

  2. Hi Nothy - I'm glad other people feel the same way about Bloglovin. I agree, too, I don't think Blogger will change, it's just the reader going. I am thrilled you love my blog, so I hope we get to enjoy each others blogs over the sew your own wardrobe challenge.


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