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Hello everyone,

I was nominated for another blog award this week by the lovey Sally.  Thank you Sally, for nominating me for this award, it is a great pleasure and privilege to receive it.

What I like about these awards is that you become aware of other bloggers that you may not otherwise have found.  And they also become aware of and find you!

So you can find Sally, here is her link :

Do pop over and say hi to Sally.  

Okay, now all these awards have some sort of fun attached to them.

And this one is no different.

7 Things about myself.

1.   I live in an older character house (Federation style for those readers in OZ)and for those of you who live
in other countries, a local vernacular form of the Californian Bungalow, with hints of Victoriana).  It has coloured glass in some of the windows.

Which makes photography rather difficult as the background is rather distracting.  The glass also throws strange light which makes the colour in the photo's a little off. (The bright green screen doesn't help either, but I am using what I have for my blog photos.

2.    My sewing space is currently a large old passage.  One day we will renovate the back section of the house and create a nice room for sewing, sitting and other pleasant activities, but for now, this is what I use.It works!

3.  My sewing machine is quite old, it is a Bernina 217N semi-industrial .  It must date back to about 1960, and although it does not look pretty, it works well.  It does straight stitch and zig zag, and you can do buttonholes but they are not automatic, so you have to work them out yourself and gauge everything well  by sight and operating skill.  Lots of coffee and a good night's sleep first, and no distractions or interruptions.

4.   I also use an overlocker and have a new electronic sewing machine, which I have barely used.  I wanted it to do automatic buttonholes, but I find that the automatic doo-dah and its idea of button hole sizing doesn't correlate with mine.  The holes are too big and loose.  So I have to work out what percentage smaller than the planned button do I use as the automatic template for the size I want.  Too hard for now, have gone back to operator skill, its easier!  The new machine may come in handy for some sorts of sewing, or as an emergency backup.

5. I have a very large stash gathered through some long years of not being able to sew  frustrations (work, demands) and I think this was my way of dealing with the frustration! It sits in containers neatly hidden around the house, and in the dysfunctional end of my sewing passage.  I do have it neatly catalogued so I can find fabrics when I want them.  I can't operate in mess, so I have my neat working end, and my storage and useful things for sewing end).

(Another useful screen at the end of my sewing passage to mark the area off - and I can hide in my snug spot).

The stash catalogue.

6.   I use a very basic dress dummy I purchased second hand years ago. She was old then, probably circa 1960, and she is even older now and is a bit rickety and arthritic poor thing, with quite a lean.  Since I have taken this photo, she has improved the lean, I think she must have overheard me talking about wanting a replacement one day.  (And I do, because I need a dummy with smaller hips - the smallest I can adjust this dummy down in the hip area is 37inces.  - I am 34 and a bit inches.  On the plus side, her upper torso works for me, for jackets and things).

7.   I blog because I enjoy it, and I also  enjoy meeting other sewers and love the online sewing community.  And Ifind your blogs as lovely and inspirational as some people think of mine. Must think up my own blog award one day for all the lovely bloggers out there.  I will have to design  a blog button first - more to learn :)

Well, I have shared 7 things about myself.

Now I have to pass on the award.

I have thought of three people to nominate straight away, but need to think about the other 7.  I'll update this post in a few days when I have selected my nominees.

Sarah Liz :)


As I started doing the second part of this award, I started to feel very uncomfortable.  Participating in these awards is very time consuming, and I have spent all morning writing this post and not sewing or doing the housework.  I'm also uncomfortable talking about me.  I'm more interested in you and sewing.

I felt even more uncomfortable approaching other bloggers about this award, as I wonder if it may be too much of an impost on you as well.    I have left two comments on two blogs, but stopped there.  While it is lovely that someone nominates you, I want to be sure you feel the same way.

If you ladies want the award, I shall pass it on. If not, just let me know in the comments section.


If on the other hand, people enjoy awards, please let me know.  I need some feedback on this -


Please post your comments about awards, as I would greatly appreciate them.

Sarah Liz


  1. Thanks for sharing a little about yourself, and your sewing! I just love those stain glass windows in your home.
    As for blog writing I am with you on just how long it takes. But it is a great way to keep in touch with like-minded people around the globe.
    The awards are great for people just starting out, they help you build up a list of followers and motivate you to stick with it. Just starting out is very daunting. The awards are just a nice cyber pat-on-the-back! I haven't come across anyone who takes offence to being given the award, some run with it and others pass - that is the beauty about blogging, you can just do your own thing ... J

    1. Hi Judith - for some reason my reply did not publish under your name - I'm using a different computer and did something that it didn't like - you'll find it lower down the page :)

  2. I love reading everyone's facts about themselves - it's a little glimpse into your life that helps paint a picture. Love seeing your sewing space, amazing stash catalog and those stained glass windows are gorgeous!

    1. Hi, I agree it is nice - sort of reassuring - I love the little glimpse into different lives too - where people live, the clothes they wear, all that sort of thing. :)

  3. It is enjoyable reading about others who share the same interest. Being new to blogging, I was inspired by the blogs of others. It's understandable being uncomfortable approaching others, but it gets one out of his/her comfort zone.

    1. Hi Dorothy - I agree, and I also undertook an educational inspiration by looking at other blogs - still do, so many lovely sewers and different ideas. Oh wel Dorothy, I'll have to jump out of my comfort rut, I can see that!

  4. Hi Judith, thank you for commenting, I appreciate it. I agree with you that blogging is a great way to connect with other people who love to sew, and that has been the best part of it for me - and it really does help with focus and motivation with sewing. I agree with you that new bloggers need encouragement, so that makes me feel more comfortable about nominating people. Thanks :) (and although blogging takes time, its really worth the effort).

  5. Hi, your postscript is really interesting - I've worried about exactly the same thing. I was lucky enough to be nominated for an award some months ago but realise that not all my nominees participated. This isn't a criticism - I appreciate it's time consuming, it's a tricky one isn't it? :)

    1. Hi Jacq, yes it is a tricky one - I guess all I can do is do my best. I guess it is up to the nominee whether he or she wants to participate, but you would feel that they did not really want the award or to be involved in this sort of thing. Which is of course, fine. :)

  6. Hi SarahLiz,

    It is great to learn more about you and about other sewists. I totally agree with what Judith said. They are a great pat on the back that people can accept or not. I have given an award where the person receiving it didn't even acknowledge it. I didn't think any less of them for it. Some people just don't like awards, some are too busy and some really appreciate it. I say give the award. When I posted the awards I posted a list of questions and said they can answer them or just accept the award in the spirit it was given and do nothing.

    1. HI BeaJay, thank you, it is nice to get to know more about other sewists, I agree. I will give great consideration to your comments (and Judith's). I think your idea about giving people the choice of answering questions is a really good one. May I adopt it?

  7. Thanks for sharing all your interesting details. I understand it can take time - indeed after I got given my award, it took me 3 months to get motivated to write the post and pass the awards forward! (I did however thank Ruth and put a link to her blog in one of my posts immediately.) I think as some-one else has said - you can do as much or as little as you like. I imagine not everyone sources and puts up photos etc., but I think that is a lovely touch that folk who follow you must enjoy - I did - and in the long run you end up with a bunch of followers who have learned a little more about you and so perhaps take a greater interest.... ;-)

  8. Hi Sally - yes it will take me time as well, but I realise there is no time pressure. I think the saying thank you should be done quickly, as a courtesy, and then the rest slowly. It looks like I will be adding an addendum with some of your ideas and those of BeaJay in it. I agree, too, finding out about other bloggers makes them more real, more human, and that's what blogging is about - interconnection adn relationships.

  9. Hi SarahLiz. I am following your blog with interest as it really 'speaks' to me, and I am a follower because I am new to blogland and thought that is a good way to dip toes in. I am trying to work out if I want to start a blog myself but as a mature-ish, unconfident and stressed (due to permanent difficult life circumstances) person, I have to say that alarm bells rang when you received your first award (congrats!) as it looked so daunting to deal with it. I immediately saw the work involved. I also thought it would be a problem to come up with more safe new facts ti disclose. So I know this sounds bizarre but (I am sure there are other people who would think this but be too afraid to voice it) I was a bit dismayed to see another award come your way. i am listening to other comments about how to handle them, but I think deep down you might feel uncomfortable not responding promptly in a decent manner. And taking your time may mean having too many awards in the in-basket! And the blog runs the risk of becoming an in-house back-patting fest. I think this debate needs to be opened up as blogging is really in its infancy and we have to work out how to make it do-able, enjoyable, meaningful and rewarding , and from the perspective of this potential blogger, it runs the risk of losing all those through good intentions! But congratulations of course, the award is richly deserved!

    1. Hi Evanabella, sewing blogland is a great place to be and its great fun meeting other sewers all haveing similar sewing journeys. I think everyone finds starting a blog a bit scary. Awards are lovely to receive and you don't have to accept them.

  10. It's nice to learn little factoids about you and others that blog their sewing adventures. I view the awards as a way for others to share their appreciation for you and what you do. I don't feel bothered by being nominated. I'm just pleased that people read my ramblings. =)

  11. Hi L, I agree, it is nice learning about other people- and, the more you get into the blog sewing world, that better it becomes! And blog appreciation awards are so lovely to get.

  12. I agree with the above, blogging awards are a very nice, very lovely way of someone telling you they like your blog. What could be unwelcome about that? :)
    On the other hand; after having written 7 or 10 "things about myself" for about four or five various, previous blog awards I no longer do that, I'm grateful for it and thank the giver, and I blog about the award but now I write about other things that interest me or that I find funny instead. Not about me! I figure my whole blog is about me already.

  13. Hi Carolyn, I agree they are nice to receive, especially when you are new and finding your blog feet. I think your blog has evolved very well, and always interesting. Thank you for your thoughts about awards.


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