Thursday, April 25, 2013

Colour and You, cont'd.

Over the last two weeks, I have shown you the how the seasonal colour system works.  Some of you have commented that you do not seem to be an obvious season, while others do recognise their season.

Some of you have commented that you can't see yourself in the seasonal system, while others clearly can.  There are a number of variations on the seasonal system  (the seasonal flow system and also the tonal system) also developed in the 1980's that address this issue.

I personally find that these systems still anchor back to the seasonal idea (which was based  on the theories of artist Johannes Itten (Bauhaus School) - he claimed that a person's personal colours should be complementary to their skin tone, hair and eyes).   For those of you who are going to see a colour consultant, be aware that he/she may use a different system, but what is important in any of the systems is finding colours that harmonise with your skin, eyes, and hair.

And for those of you still wondering what you are, I suggest you do what I said some posts back - find some bright orange and bright pink and see which looks awful on you!  One of them will, or if not awful you will look better in one than the other.  For a demonstration of this sort of thing, visit my post:

I used to use my seasonal drapes for tonal analysis as well, so there is overlap between all the systems.
One confusion that happens with colour analysis is that the client thinks that they have to like and wear their colours all the time.  This is not the case - if you are a summer, for instance, and don't like dusty pinks and roses but prefer the stronger blues, wear the deeper blues in your palette.  Don't wear or feel you have to wear any colours in your palette you do not like.  

The colours we like are also influenced by our clothing personality.  If you are a natural sort of person who lives in denim, you may not like pretty pinks that tend to suit the romantic person more.

Some of you are probably wondering what I mean by clothing personality, so tomorrow I will post on this.

Next week I will talk about how to alter your colours as you get older - this is because as we age, our skin, hair and eyes do change a little bit - we lose colour, our skin becomes more transparent allowing our venous blood to show through a little more, and our hair goes grey.   Our underlying genetic make up does not change though, so people do not suddenly change their skin tone.

Until tomorrow,

Sarah Liz


  1. I try to pick colors that look good on me, but the lure of the other colors that I think are pretty is just too much sometimes ;)

    1. Hi, I think it is lovely to wear a colour you love sometimes - I do the same! Life is too short to forever stick to rules - but they are very useful guidelines for establishing a harmonising wardrobe of clothes that are in colours that suit you.

  2. I like DK#39's post above, am so lured by colors I just love..
    Thank you for a great post.

    1. Thank you! I think my reply to DK#39 is going to answer your comment as well :-)