Colours And You (cont'd.)

Two days (and two posts ago)  I introduced the two colour families of winter and summer. 
Today we are going to look at spring and autumn.

For those of you new to this post, do please read Tuesday's post before this one -


Skin: Has a golden undertone. Autumns can be a redhead with skin with freckles, or a fair person with peach or ivory skin, and brunettes (usually golden-beige but can be charcoal black).  Autumns are frequently pale or sallow and orange blusher brings them to life.  Some Autumns can have ruddy colouring.

Hair:   When young can be golden blonde - hair darkens with age.  Hair has red or golden tones, and ranges from copper, strawberry blonde, carrot, ginger and auburn.  Brunette autumns have a gold or red cast to the hair, and some have ash hair with no warmth.  Can have charcoal hair and darker skin.  Greying hair is frequently yellow-grey during the greying process.

Eyes:  Golden brown in tone, from topaz to dark, green with orange or golden streaks, clear green or olive eyes.  Some have turquoise, aqua , or  steel blue eyes with the iris flanked by teal.  Pale blue or teal eyes are also seen.  (These are the autumns with lighter colouring - light autumns).

If you are an Autumn, the above colours look good on you.  You have muted and clear colours in your palette, but always in warm tones.  Your best white is oyster white ( a beige-y white).


Skin Has a golden undertone.  Skin is very delicate in appearance - creamy ivory, peach, peachy pink, and golden beige. Many springs have  freckles.  Fine textured skin, can blush easily.  Some can be quite ruddy, with a slight purple tinge to knuckles - these get confused sometimes with summers.  Dark skinned people or those who are Oriental can be spring - they have light, golden skin.

 Hair:  Usually blondes, whether flaxen, yellow, honey, strawberry, golden brown, or taffy-redUsually blonde as children but darken with age.  Greying hair does not harmonise with underlying warm tones, so springs frequently dye hair during this stage.

EyesGreen, blue, teal or aqua.  Frequently have golden flecks or gold around the  iris.  Some have steel grey eyes that are very blue with white striations.  Can also be hazel but the spring hazel eyes also have green, gold and golden brown tinges.  Some springs can be have golden brown eyes.

If you are a spring, the above colours look good on you.   You need lively colours that are clear, warm and crisp.   Your best white is creamy ivory.


  1. I still cannot work out what my friend is, so frustrating. Enjoying this, I hope there is more.

  2. hmmm, i'm thinking i might be a spring then

    1. Hi, I put your comment in the wrong place - hold up peach fabric next to your face, and hold up a very cool pink (sort of blue pink). Which looks best? Can you wear coral?

    2. I think i look better in a peachy pink, coral color.

  3. I think I am autumn.. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Its a pleasure. To tell if you are warm (autumn) or cool (winter) hold up a piece of orange next to your face, and then hold up some bright cool pink. Which looks best?


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