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Every person has a different skin tone, hair colour  and eye colour. These are the key indicators of what types of colours might suit you.  Some people have  warm colouring (think red hair, strawberry blonde, golden blonde or warm brown hair, with peachy, golden brown or beige skin, and eyes that are medium to light brown. hazel, soft blue or green), while others have cool colouring (think snow white - alabaster or porcelain skin, or skin that has rosy undertones, eyes dark or jewel toned and hair greys beautifully to a lovely silver colour).

When I did my colour training back in 1989, the predominant system that was used was "seasonal analysis".  This is still used nowadays, although there have been variations that have developed on the original system (seasonal flow system or tonal system, and one or two independent ideas - which, I guess we all have!)

I'll quickly run through the cool colourings in the seasonal system today - and this is the briefest introduction only, not  a proper guideline for do it your self analysis - although some of you might easily work out what looks best on you from this.  Over the next year  I may develop a guide - it's on the big list of things to do!

On Thursday I will introduce the warm colours, and on Friday the post about how to wear Black, if it is not "one of your colours".


Skin:  alabaster skin, blue or blue-pink undertone, grey beige skin (light to dark) olive skin, dark skin,oriental skin (but by no means all darker or oriental skins - they can be summer, autumn and spring as well).

Hair: Usually dark, ranges for light to dark charcoal brown, often with as tone. Blue black hair, slat and pepper or silver grey hair.  If hair is blond, it is white blond.  Hair greys beautifully.

Eyes: Deep or jewel colours - red brown, black brown, hazel, blue, green, grey-blue or grey green, and dark blue.  

Winter colours
If you are a winter, the above  cool colours look good on you - clear and with contrast.  Best white is clear white.


Skin: Usually, fair, with  blue undertone, and often pink is visible - but can look pale without blush. Can have rose beige skin, fair to deep.  You can also get people with dark skin who are summers.  Some summers are quite sallow.

Hair: Often blonde in childhood, but darkens to mousey brown.  Can be brunette, from light to dark, but with ash tones.  Some summers can have warm blonde hair or auburn tones if she has been in the sun.  Hair greys nicely to soft blue grey or white.

Eyes:  Summer eyes are often cloudy, and can be blue, green, aqua, soft rose-brown, greyish brown.

Summer colours

If you are a summer, the above cool colours look good on you - softer with less contrast.  Best white is a softer white.


  1. I'm a winter. I have all the characteristics of a ginger w/o the hair color LOL :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I believe I am winter, must get my book back from my friend so I can compare.

  3. From this I am a summer - fair, pale, freckly, with cloudy eyes...such is the body we are given to work with!!! ... J

  4. Hi Judith, without seeing you clearly, it is hard to tell. The other fair colour grouping is warm, light and bright - I'll be posting that tomorrow. People often misclassify springs and summers.

  5. Nice that you are doing posts on colour analysis! I'm curious to know more about it. The only thing I know is that I'm a summer (green eyes, mid-brown hair, pink undertone in skin, but with freckles).

    1. Hi Elise, I'll be expanding on all this in future weeks - you are probably closer to the autumn side of summer, but hard to tell from photos.

    2. That is totally possible and makes sense! I guess the hair colour (since it's dyed) is also making me on the autumn side of summer :) Thanks for the post on how to wear blacks too.

    3. Yes, when you dye your hair, it does slightly shift the sort of colours you need to wear. I'll be doing more posts on colour over the next few weeks. It was a pleasure writing the post on how to wear black as well.

  6. You know, this always stumps me. Am I a winter? From the description it sure sounds like I am... except that I hate winters... Lol...

  7. Hi Far, it is always hard to tell from photos but I think you might be a winter - even if you hate winters - I don't blame you, it must get cold where you are.


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