Monday, April 8, 2013

My new sleep masks and how I made them:

My sleep masks are getting rather tatty so it is time to make some new ones.  I haven't done much craft type sewing so this will be a bit of a challenge for me.  I've decided it is the only option though, because I can't find what I want in the shops.  And, I want a nice soft cotton mask, not a polyester one.

First job - make some sort of template for the mask:

I traced these from an old sleep mask.  As each side is the same, I shall cut them out on the fold.  The nose piece (bottom of the above picture) is cut on two folds at once.

Silly me though added seam allowances and only realised at the end.  I didn't need them as the edges are bound.  Oh well, these will be nice, big, sleep masks - keep out all light and chills!

So, having made your pattern, cut out two pieces of fabric and one piece of lightweight wadding ( i used polyester because I will want to wash these and dry them quickly). The nose piece is not cut on the double, so just cut where the fold line would be.

Next, pin wadding in between the fabric pieces and sandwich in the nose piece.  Stitch.

(I am making two masks at once, if you are wondering what the extra bits are about).

Snip the mask at the bridge of the nose and pin and tack nose insert to mask.

Bits will stick out at the end:

Now the bits are folded and shaped to mask, stitched and excess trimmed away:

I want my masks to have adjustable elastic to hold them in place, so I can tighten or loosen as needed.

Cut two pieces of elastic, one about 4 inches long, the other about 14 inches long.  If you are going to make one of these, you will have to fiddle and gauge the amount that works for your mask.

You'll also need something to thread elastic through.  I used the fasteners from the old mask for one of my new masks, and bow tie fasteners for the other.  You could also use bra fittings - I have saved some for when I want to make another mask.

Bra Fittings
Attach short piece of elastic to one side, thread through fastener and loop elastic back under to the side.  Stitch. Attach long piece of elastic to other side and stitch.

Thread the  long piece of elastic through the second fastener:

Then thread the long piece of elastic through the first fastener as shown:

Then thread into the remaining loop  and stitch. You'll need to thread about 1 1/2 inches through.  

On the inside, sew binding around the edge:

Fold binding to the outside and stitch:

All finished!  And much nicer and squashy sleepy looking than these:

Or maybe I'm prejudiced.

I'm going to try it out now:

And even though it's a little larger than the original, it feels really snuggly and will keep me warm too.

I'll need a lighter, smaller one in summer.


Sarah Liz :)


  1. Night, Night!
    Sleep tight and don't let the bugs bite.
    If they do, squeeze 'em tight,
    So they don't come back another night!!


  2. How did it work? I have never used a sleep mask before.

    1. Hi, it works really well. If your bedroom is a bit light, or you have to sleep during the day (as shiftworkers do), or if it is too light in the morning and you need to sleep more - then wearing a mask can block out the light and make it easier to sleep. I have to use one as I am quite a light sleeper and wake with small disturbances such as my husban turning on the bedside lamp.

  3. Hope you had a wonderful nights sleep in your new sleep mask..[This one is much prettier...]

  4. I was going to the same as DK. Do you find that they help you sleep better? Do you have a problem with them coming off while you sleep?

  5. Hi L, I've answered DK's question (and yours as well - so have a look at DK). This one is quite large so even if it moves around, tends to cover eyes. And also with the adjustable elastic it can be tightened to just the right fit, not too tight and not too loose. Sometimes they come off, but they are not too far away and I just cosy them back on again.