Un Real Blog Award.

I was thrilled to receive this award from Rosy two days ago.  Many of you probably know Rosy who has a beautiful sewing and lifestyle blog.  Always something gorgeous on Rosy's blog.  Do visit, this is her address:

Rosy's blog is found at :www.sewingadicta.blogspot.com

This award is given to a "Real Blog" on any subject, the only condition to receive it:

"Closeness with her followers, loyalty to oneself and share knowledge with the rest without becoming discouraged in the bad times".

I have to admit, this week I have found it rather difficult as I was suffering some sort of gastric problem, and have not been at all well.  Nonetheless, I kept going with my regular blog posts that you look forward to, and I have also worked on the promised blogs about pattern and colour.

So I was feeling a little less than my normal cheerful self when Rosy sent me this award!  Which means an awful lot to me!


WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST IN LIFE:  I love space and solitude to dream and think, equally as much as  I love it when you wake up in the morning, and everyone around you that you love is doing well. 

THE MESSAGE THAT YOU WISH TO SHARE:  I like to respect people for who they are with whatever life they have been given to live.


Sarah Liz  


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