Your Colours and Style Personality

Over the last few weeks I have introduced the basics of colour analysis using the seasonal system along with an introduction to five style personalities;

By now you should have an idea of whether you have warm or cool colouring, and whether you prefer lighter or deeper colours.  Don't worry if you haven't yet worked it out yet, because in a few weeks I'll work through this again.

Also, don't worry if you have worked out the colours that suit you from my introduction but don't like them or would never wear them.  It could be due to your style personality.

For instance, if  rich pink is in your palette, you may want to wear it if you have a romantic personality style, but not if you are a natural.  Naturals prefer more subdued earthy colours.

Most of you could easily work out what style personality you have.  It's quite common to have a mix of two or more style personalities, or maybe one at work (i.e very classic if you work in a conservative office) and one at home.  And sometimes people actually want to change their style personalities - I wonder if this is because we often learn to dress according to our lifestyle and roles, and never have the option of exploring what it is we actually like.

Okay, I'm digressing!  So, what colours for what style personality ?  (I'll also include fabrics/patterns  as we are all sewers)...


The natural likes subdued, earthy tones(earthy blues, greens, browns)  from her palette, not bright colours.  Prefers natural fabrics and textures, likes linen, wool, cotton, tweed, raw silk, knits.  For patterns, plaid, paisleys, stripes and checks.  Do remember your body type here. 

* I posted a blog a few weeks ago about what type of patterns suit what body type - if you missed it, or want a refresher: 


The classic likes neutral colours and has a lot of them in her wardrobe - black, navy, grey, taupe, beige brown, burgundy,olive.  Plain fabrics such as soft cottons, fine wool, and tweeds (with a mix of synthetics for smooth looking fabrics) are preferred and if patterns are worn they are discrete small patterns, such as dots, herringbone, checks, paisley. 


The dramatic, not surprisingly, loves dramatic colour schemes, such as the brights and black.  Loves black and red.  Fabrics are usually plain and stiffish - crisp cotton, smooth polished wool, satins, brocades, silks.  If a pattern is used it will be exotic looking, geometric/checks or stripes.


The creative likes very strong, bold colours, nothing earthy and subdued.  Fabrics are often contrasting textures, and range from lycra, leather and metallics to velvets, fur and feathers, silks and satins.  Loves mixing patterns and colours, even if they look mismatched to others (probably the classic).


The romantic prefers rich colours to neutrals.  Fabrics are fine, soft, fluid and or rich looking with a soft touch,  and include velvets and velours,  cashmere, lightweight wool, synthetics, lightweight cotton/polycotton, laces, organza, and crinkly, crushed satins, and broderie anglaise.  Patterns include florals, spots, blended checks and plaids.

I hope this helps you all - and don't forget you could be a mix of two personality styles.

On Thursday the post on colours for ages 40+ will commence.

Next week I also hope to start on body shapes and the styles that suit them.


A few more of you have indicated interest in this sew-a-long.  I've started roughing out some guidelines and will post them on Friday.  This will be a low key no pressure sew-a-long running from 1 June to 31 December 2013.  That will give two sewing seasons whichever hemisphere you are in - and of course, if you are in the tropics, a wet and dry season.  I will provide some guidelines and structure for those that prefer this, and for those that don't,  follow your own stash plans. I'll also work on the side bar banner ready for June 1.

So far, these are the participants:
 Far from - she would like to make a jacket, skirt and pants.
Sew Blessed Maw from
Jenny from
L from
Mrs Smith from

Any of your suggestions are welcome as this is your sew-a-long  as well :-)


  1. You know - I think I am a schizophrenic (although I do believe that term has been superseded!). It depends on my mood what colours I am interested in wearing and the looks I like.

    1. Hi BeaJay, I'm not sure if the term has been superceded or not, but maybe you are influenced by the muses and their, moods, so I think perhaps you may be a little creative soul really. And creatives do wear colours according to mood.

  2. I believe I belong in the "classic" category, mainly due to my love of black, gray, beige, and navy :)

    And, I would love to participate in the Stash Buster. Please add me to your list. Goodness knows, I need to get rid of some of my stash.

    1. Hi, I think you might be a classic, from the styles you choose, as well as the colours.

      I've added you to the stash sew-a-long. Posting more about this later in the week.

  3. I'm a misfit!!!! I love all colors;)
    A very nice series and very informative

    1. Hi Rhonda, a category for Rhonda then! :-)

      Seriously, these are ideas, and they do work for many people, but there is nothing wrong with wearing colours you want to wear for whatever reason. This is descriptive info, not prescriptive! Glad you are enjoying the series.

  4. Thanks for all the info, Sarah. I'm thinking I'm somewhat of a misfit too - love the colours of the creative, but more conservtive a la the classic.

    I would love to participate in Style the Stash- I certainly have plenty to work with!!

    1. Hi Janine - you can be two personality styles at the same time - some people are wholly one type, while others do have secondary types.

      I've added you to the list and will post more details later this week.

  5. Hi SarahLiz, Thanks for your warm welcome as a new follower of your blog. I don't feel like I have a lot of stuff in my stash, but I do want to sew more and more clothes for myself. I'll be using what I have, but also taking the liberty of buying more as I see fit. My rule for myself will be that if I buy it I will use it before the year is out.
    I enjoy your blog very much. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and ideas.

    1. Hi Ellen, its a pleasure sharing with you. I'll add you to the stash sew-a-long.

  6. Well, this is perfect for me right now. My wardrobe needs some updating and my stash needs some sewing. Count me in.


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