Body Shape Style Guide - The Inverted Triangle

This figure type is "top heavy".  The figure has broader shoulders and/or bust than the hips.  Some inverted  triangles carry more weight in their upper arms and back - the "strawberry figure".  She usually has lovely legs.  Her main challenge is to balance her narrow hips with her wide shoulders and back to avoid looking too top heavy.

The main problem for this figure type is that things that fit the waist are far too big in the hip area.  Jackets that fit the back, chest and waist area also swim over the hip area.


  • Difficult to fit trousers to the narrow hips of this lady.  She may feel more comfortable in skirts.
  • If you can find pants to fit you then look for these styles:
  • Tailored straight pants with the fall from the hip area.
  • Make sure they fit your thigh area so that you don't look big.
  • Wear lighter colours on your bottom half so that your hips and thighs look wider.
  • Include hip details such as seaming or pockets. 
  • Have texture or be in a  heavier fabric so that the bottom half of your body balances the top half. - fabrics like velvet, corduroy and linen work well.
  • You need dresses and skirts that highlight your great legs.
  • A softly flared skirt works well, with a bodice that is fitted.
  • Bias cuts look great as these cling to the hip and then flare out below.  This helps to balance your shoulder/bust line.
  • Straight shifts can work so long as there is a stretch factor so that the wide back can move. To minimise your bust, make sure it has a deep scoop or v-neckline.
  • With your lovely shoulders, you can wear halter and one shoulder dresses well.  Make sure you wear a good bra.
  • Avoid pencil skirts or you will look top heavy.
  • Don't wear long skirts or you will hide your lovely legs - these are one of your best assets.       
  • Do not wear jackets that visually broaden you - no shoulder pads, epaulettes, wide lapels, and double breasted styles.
  • Don't accessorise your top half with jewellry or scarves as this will draw attention to your larger top half.  
  • Jackets should be well fitted so that they fit your larger bust and back.
  • Jackets look great belted as this can shift volume to below the waist (don't do this if you are short/short waisted).
  • One button jackets look great - slims the upper body.
  •  No shoulder pads or epaulettes.
  • Small lapel only
Tomorrow I'll post on the oval or diamond shape - quite a few of us morph into this sort of shape as we get older! 

Sarah Liz :-)


  1. This Sounds More Like Me Sarah Liz. Although I Am Morphing Into Oval/ DiamoNd Hehe...

    1. Hi Far, yes, change can happen - I think you may be a petite as well, so even more challenges :-)

  2. thanks for sharing.. I am more of the rectangle shape.. Looking forward to that post.. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Judy, I plan the rectangle shape for early next week. I'm a rectangle as well. You have a great day too.


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