Body Shape Style Guide - The Oval or Diamond Shape

Today I am going to write about the round, apple or oval shape figure - sometimes called diamond - the diagram above will show your why.  Shoulders and hips are in line but the waist and tummy area are quite large.  This lady is frequently short waisted.

Those of you with this figure type know already that your goal is to about making your torso look leaner and longer so that the tummy area is minimised visually.


  •  Resist the urge to wear body conscious pants as they will only make your midsection look larger
  • Trousers/Pants should be in classic styles with flat fronts, and no extra from zips, pleats or gathers.
  • Have pants sitting just below your waist and make sure waistbands are not too tight so you don't "spill over".  Avoid low rises for the same reason - you'll bulge over them.
  • Soft, draping fabrics work well.
  • Do not wear narrow tapered trousers but look for classic cuts, straightht cuts or palazzo  pants (only if you are tall enough ).   
  • To accommodate your curvy midsection you will need pants that are for a curvy fit.
  • Boot cuts look great on you.
  •  Pants should be plain and simple, pocket on the rear are good as they give a focal point instead of your bottom being the focal point.
  • Don't wear big, baggy pants.
  • A nice central line created by jewellery that is quite large brings the eye up and down and away from your midsection.
  • V-necklines have the same effect.  Other necklines that are wide such as boatnecks can bring the eye across the shoulder and thus minimize the tummy.
  • Empire waist dresses with sleeves look great - they can be in maxi length as well to help you look taller and slimmer.
  • Fabrics should not be flimsy or cling too much.
  • Asymmetrical cuts or patterns, or patterns with diagonal lines will divert focus from your midsection.
  • Use ruching and draping  if it suits you.
  • No belts or style details around the waistline.
  • No baggy shifts or tent dresses.
  • The goal is to minimise your torso area.
  • A tailored hip length jacket worn open works well.
  • A classic hip length box shaped jacket worn open also looks good.
  • A wrap shirt that is not too tight helps to hide the mid section.
  • Use a dark long layer under a jacket to give a good central line - minimises the mid section.
  • V necks minimise the mid section.
  • A nipped in waist can create the illusion of a waist.
  • Wear a nice long coat or trench open over trousers - this provides a lovely slimming line. 
  • Don't finish any garment at the waist/tummy level.
Next week I will be posting on the Rectangle shape.  I will also write a post on what sorts of optical illusions a Petite needs to create.  Petites are under 5'4" (163 cms) and can come in the full range of body shapes, although they also have their own unique shape characteristics.

I hope you have enjoyed these posts.

Sarah Liz :-)


  1. This is me. What is body conscious pants? I am assuming that it is tight pants? All are good tips.

    1. Hi BeaJay, yes, there are quite a few ladies with this shape, and bodies also change into this shape sometimes with age. Yes, body conscious is another word for tight pants. I think you already have a good idea what suits you, so keep up the good work BeaJay.

  2. Ho Yeah, Ok This Is Definitely Me Now!! Lol, Awesome Tips!

  3. Hi Far, glad we have found your shape, now you know what to do. Next week read the petite guidelines, as I suspect you may be an oval petite. Even trickier :-)

    We'll get you sorted out by the end of the year lol's

    1. Lol! Indeed Tricky! ShorT WaisteD too! Uggh! And All This While I Dont Really Consider Myself That Petite.. But I Have To Accept Reality. hehe

    2. Hi Far - oh dear, short waisted as well - and by petite, I mean short - I think you may be short, as well as short waisted. So, petite guidelines next week may help a little...

  4. Yay! My body resembles this more and more ... great tips!

    1. Hi Rosy - yes, it's funny how we all slowly grow into this shape - we sort of start off a little bit like this as well :-)


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