Body Shape Style Guide - The Triangle/Pear figure.

Today I will start my posts on what styles suit which body shape.  I'll start with the most common shape, which is the triangle figure type.  This triangle figure is also  called the pear shape.   The hips are wider than the shoulders and the thighs and bottom are full.  The bust is usually smaller.    Often the widest part of the hip is towards the top of the legs.  The figure is bottom heavy.


  • Trousers should sit just below the natural waistline so that the hip curve from the waist is not accentuated.
  • Do not have any style details such as gathers, pleats or side pockets at the hip.
  • Trousers look should fall in a straightish line from the hip or flare slightly from the knee - 
  • do not wear narrow or tapered trousers, as your hips and bottom will look larger.
  • Use fabrics that drape well.
  • Should be in a darker colour than the garment on top to visually slim the bottom half of the body.
  • Use fabrics with a elastane  (2-4%) to help fit the curves
  • Look for pants that have a higher rise in the rear to accommodate the derriere.
  • A Vertical stripe will flatter.
  •  Dresses need to drape over the hips with volume and detail added to the top half of the dress.
  • A-Line skirts and dresses will fall over the hips and disguise the width.
  • Knee length skirts or dresses with either fullness or flounces will balance the hip width.
  • On the top half look for a wide scoop neckline to balance the hip width.
  •  Vertical stripes or  vertical seam lines will minimise the hip and thigh width
  • As with pants/trousers, do not have horizontal details near the hip line.
  • Do not wear stiff fabrics as they do not shape and fit well over curvy hips/thighs and bottom.
  •  you need to add width around the shoulders and upper body to balance wider hips
  • Jackets and coats need wide lapels and shoulder pads.
  • You can wear colourful jackets and coats with interesting necklines to bring the observer's eyes up from the hip area.
  • You can wear shoulder epaulets and sleeve details well as these balance the hips.
  • Don't wear small collars and sloppy shoulders as these will only serve to emphasise your narrow shoulders
  • Don't wear V-necks or crew necklines as these will narrow your shoulders more, as will thin lapels.
  • Don't end your jackets at the widest part of your hips - make them shorter to end at a narrower part or nearer you waist level.
Tomorrow I will look at the hourglass silhouette - and to come later in the week, inverted triangle, round and rectangle shapes.

Do have a lovely evening, wherever you are,

Sarah Liz :-)


  1. Hi Sarah. This is my shape. I enjoyed reading the information.

  2. Hi Regina, that's why the blouse with the puffed sleeves appealed to you and why the flowing maxi dress looks great. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. good information Sarah, I think my shape has oozed out since gallbladder surgery lol! so I just suck it in, pack it in,& hope it doesn't ooze out anymore lol!lol!

    1. Hi Helen, I guess after your operation, it was easier to eat fatty foods. So long as you are happy and healthy.

  4. Enjoyed your post... Look forward to the rectangle [that's me for sure, now that old age has set in,lol]
    I laughed when I read Nana[above comment].. She said it so well. That comment fit me exactly..ha

    1. Hi Judy, that will come later this week, although I think the mature rectangle is different from the younger athletic rectangle figure. Helen is funny with her comments - so long as she makes sure she likes herself as she is. We all need to do that.


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