My weekly chat and Welcome to New Followers.

Hello everyone, I don't believe that another week has flown past so quickly.  But it has and it's time again to welcome some new followers - Marjorie, Lynn, Sandy, and la_magnifique . And to Graziella Amy who is following me on Bloglovin.  I'd also like to welcome two more new followers on Bloglovin, but Bloglovin has not emailed me with any names, so I don't know your names.

This has been one of those sewing weeks, where only determination got the job done.  The reason?  Trousers (pants) again.  I only kept going because so many of you have encouraged me with them.  Now I have nearly finished them, and the results will be posted next Saturday.

This has been a fairly quite blog week - I finally got around to nominating people for the Liebster award (which Far gave me some weeks back) and the One Lovely Blog/ Very Inspired Blogger award ( which Sally gave me, again, some weeks ago now).

Lots more of you have decided to take part in this fun, low key, guilt free, enjoy the stash , sew-a-long.  I will be posting the updated participant list tomorrow.  If you want to know what this is about please go to this post: 

If you would like to participate in any way you like, please let me know.


Next week I will be writing the promised posts on body shapes and the sorts of styles that suit them.   

That's it for now, do have a good evening wherever you are, and I hope the coming week brings you only good things.

Sarah Liz :-)


  1. Hope your weekend was a relaxing one! I am looking forward to the body shapes posts...J

    1. Hi Judith, yes, it was a lovely and much needed weekend away, especially for my DH. I'll start body shapes on Tuesday :-)

  2. Some sewing garments are like that drag on and on. I too will be looking forward to the body shapes, thanks in anticipation.

    1. Hi Louise,

      Don't they just ! I'm glad you are looking forward to the post, hope you find it helpful.


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