My weekly chat and welcome to new followers...

 Hello everyone, another week has gone by and a new week is about to start.  Where does the sewing time go to?

The first thing I would like to do today is welcome two new followers, Diana and Hana, and also a new follower on Bloglovin - Djamila.  

Last week flew by in a hurry - partly because over the weekend my husband and I spent a lovely weekend in Sydney - he really needed a break.  On Monday he took me to a couple of nice fabric stores - I can buy online from them, but it was lovely to visit and actually touch and feel the fabric and get to know what the stores are like.  I enjoy the tactile fabric experience as well! You Sydneysider sewists would know them well - Tessuti's, The Fabric Store and The Remnant Warehouse.

So the rest of the week was spent catching up - there is always the price to pay! :)

I DID FINALLY FINISH MY TROUSERS! So a big thank you to all of you who encouraged me in this journey.

THIS WEEK: I shall continue my posts on body shape and the styles that suit them.  I will be looking at the "Rectangle" body shape - quite a common shape and one quite a few of us develop around midlife.  I'll also post some guidelines for "Petites" - ladies 5'4" or under (5'3" according to some guidelines).


Thank you to all of you who have joined the 2013 Style The Stash Sew-A-Long, which starts June 1st.  I'll be updating the news sheet at the end of the week, so feel free to join by adding a comment, either here or at:

Faye wanted to know how we would post our garments - whether they would be emailed to me or whether I would start a new blog. Faye, I think that is a tremendous idea, because I do think this is a great opportunity for a sewing forum as well, where we can discuss all matters to do our sewing and other important life matters :-).

So, by the end of the week I'll have a new blog set up - I will have to add you all as co-authors, which will need you to email your name and email address to me.  If you are wondering why, just google "multiple authors on Blogger" and that will tell you.  It's a great way to post your thoughts and we can all communicate with each other.

I'll also tell people at
as some of them may be interested as well.  I know some of you are already in this challenge, but I think a little bit of extra motivation helps the sewjo along :)

Have a great week everyone,

Sarah Liz :)


  1. I added the button to my blog!

    1. Hi, DK39, great, looking forward to starting soon with all of you :-)

  2. Great SarahLiz.. I will email you my info.. I love that we will be able to communicate with each other.. Great idea.
    SO happy that you and hubby got to get away for a few days. And so sweet of him to take you to the fabric stores. I so agree, So much more fun to feel the fabric and look at it in person...
    Looking forward to June 1st.. ON the button, do we just save it and copy to our blogs??

  3. Hi Judy, I'll work back on the reply - I am not sure what has happened to the code with the button - normally they get put on the sidebar and link back when "pressed" Need to check what I have done wrong (it was my first). Faye also asked if I would start a separate blog for us all to post on, and I think that's a great idea. I'll keep in touch about that.

    And yes, getting away was lovely - and so was touching really nice fabric :)


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