New Lounge Pants being worn.

Yesterday I quickly made some lounge pants - very warm, cosy, snuggly, polar fleece rug up pants for cooler winter nights - my joints do feel the cold :).

I used a pattern for leggings as the basis of these pants.  My logic for this choice was - my legs are thin, all pants patterns are too large in the legs, why not use skinny leggings to get a slim fit pant.

McCalls M6173
Leggings are not what I wear, for a variety of reasons, but I am glad I used them for these trousers as the version I made did not have any side seams!  One less piece of cutting and sewing...

Front and Back in one piece.
As you can see, this means that the side is completely straight - which is good for me, because I am also completely straight from the hips down.  I began to feel quite optimistic that these would be okay.

As I did not want a tight legging look, I cut out a size bigger than my measurements would suggest.  I also knew that polar fleece is quite thick and would take up a little bit of seam space.  I also added 21/2 inches at the waist as these are designed to be low waisted.  That does not work for me - things have a tendency to slide down my slender hips at the best of times without starting there in the first place.

As I have not sewn much with polar fleece - and my first attempt was a little hit and miss - I was not overly enthusiastic about being perfect with these pants.  I also did not know how they would fit - and I did not want to make a muslin -- in fact couldn't as I didn't have the right material to do it with -- other than what I was using --which is cheap in any case.  So I just quickly made them up.

As these were trial pants, I did not overlock or neaten the seams - polar fleece does not fray in any case, but I like things to look "finished" normally.  

Then I tried them on:

(Hard to look relaxed in these self timed photos - I always feel a little silly and self conscious).

Lovely fit around the tummy, bit baggy and slouchy around the legs, but I rather like that relaxed look - it sort of enforces the feeling that these are from relaxing and feeling comfortable in.  I also wanted them quite long - slim pants tend to creep up when sitting down - and I don't want any chilly breezes around my ankles :)

Back view
Once again, the hip area fits well.  If I wanted something more fitted I would take in the inner side seam.  I may even attempt to make this pattern up  in a stretch woven- I think, given my build, that would work for me.

Talking build, those of you who have been following the body shape guidelines - if you look at my back you can see I am an inverted triangle, very angular shoulders, and not much shape through waist and hip.  I'm also borderline petite.

We have not discussed shoulder lines yet - but some people have straight shoulders and some sloped, and some rounded.

Okay, back to the garment - I inserted a piece of lace into the back of the pants, so I would know how to put them on - especially important when you are in a hurry at the end of the day.

These pants have elastic inserted into a fold over waistband.  For those of you who are new to sewing, if you need to insert elastic into a fold over waistband, use a bodkin.

Bodkin with Elastic threaded through

Don't forget to hold onto the other end of the elastic while threading the first end through - I usually pin it down onto the seam allowance.  Also, make sure the elastic doesn't twist while threading through.

I made a second pair of pants, and timed them - from cut to end sewing 60 minutes. 

Next time I make these pants I will pay attention to finishing, because I do like a nice finish.  So these will then take two hours to make.

But for now, these two pairs  are fine, and I was thrilled to have something warm and snuggly to wear last night.  I can't see the finish when I am wearing them. 

Have a good day wherever you are,

Sarah Liz :)


  1. These look terrific! Polar fleece pants are sooo warm. When we were going to Canada I borrowed a pair, and they kept me toasty warm even in sub zero temps. Fortunately it never gets that old where I live :)

  2. Thank you Carolyn - yes, you would have needed something really warm in Canada - thermals are de rigeur, especially for those of us used to warmer climes :)

  3. I never would of thought of using a legging pattern for a pair of soft compfy pants, yours looks great!

  4. Looks great Sarah.. What a smart idea , to use legging pattern for them..
    Love my bodkin too.. Happy sewing.

    1. Hi Judy, yes, the idea worked well (sometimes they don't, lol's). Yoou too...

  5. I used polar fleece for riding pants in the winter in the years before I was a snowbird. Your pants are so comfy looking.

    1. Hi Mary, - they would have been fantastic riding pants in the cold.

  6. I thought about this pattern for my teenage daughter, who almost lives in leggings, she has been finding it hard to find a thick pair. How cosy fleece pants. Over here in the uk onesies made from fleece or sweatshirt fabric have been very popular over the winter period,

    1. Hi Louise - I'm not surprised they have been popular - they are so warm and comfortable, and when you are young you can get away with wearing anything. The pattern is so easy to make up. Sewing for teenagers though can be fraught!

  7. Looks nice and comfy. Good job.

  8. These look perfect for snuggling up on the lounge in the winter.

  9. You look cozy! I made that pattern too back in the fall. You did do a good job!

    1. Thanks Faye - I was new to blogging in your fall, so I missed your post on this pattern.

  10. What a smart idea of using legging pattern for cozy pants. You did a very good job Sarah! I love it and thinking to make one for myself next winter.


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