The 2013 Style the Stash Sew-a- Long, starts June 1.

 Hello everyone - thanks for joining this low key sew-what-you-like-when-you-like stashbusting sew-a-long.

Unlike other sew-a-longs, there will be no pledges to use stash and only stash.  There will be no set ideas for a garment you don't want to make in a time frame that does not work for you, although the guidelines suggest attempting to make a garment a month - just to encourage  sewing instead of stashing.

 There will be no need for self imposed stash guilt - we're just going to enjoy styling and sewing our stashes.

Sandra Betzina comments about stashes that if the fabric is more than three years old, it is not going to be used.  Now, I don't agree with her (but then I'm a serious stash-a-holic), but it is a good idea to also think about using things you really don't like in your stash for muslins.

Here once again are the


Runs from 1 June 21013 to 31 December. (I'll organise both a button and where to post pictures and details of your stash garments before Ist June.  Got to learn to make the button first!)

That gives us all  two seasons and also a festive/thanksgiving season.

Each month we will try to make up a garment from the stash.

You can make whatever you like from your stash, or follow a guidelines and suggestions which will be posted for each month.

You can make more than one item a month.

If you don't finish the item, it doesn't matter, finish it and post it the next month.
And if you only want to make one or two things during the sew-a-long that's okay as well.

You can join the challenge at the start of any month if you are a newcomer to my blog or have just found out about the challenge.

The main thing is that you are sewing something, and using some of your lovely stash.

Some of you may want to buy new fabric and make clothes outside this stash sew-a-long and that's okay too.  This is more about stash awareness and making sure the stash gets a look in as well!

Some ideas to  think about making from your stash:

*Skirt, Pants, Blouse, Jacket, Dress, Accessories, Xmas/Festive/Thanksgiving/Holiday/New Year outfit

*Something colourful, something with stripes/geometric pattern, something floral.

*Sundress, Beach Wear, Casual Outfit, Jeans, Nighties/loungewear, Children's clothes

*Black and White outfit


*Home furnishings

*Craft Items

Far from
 Judy from
Jenny from
Janine from
Faye from
Mrs Smith  from
Dk's wife from
Ellen from http://
Mary from
Judith at
L, at http://
Beata at
Angelathecreativediva at

Kathy S - do you have a blog Kathy?  if not you can email pictures to me.

 If I have missed anyone out, or spelt your name incorrectly, or have not got your blog address correct,  please let me know.

And if you would like to join as well, please let me know.

Sarah Liz :-)


  1. Sarah, thank you for this sew along.. I really like the "no pressure sewing" it allows.. And I look forward to using some of my stash..
    Have a great day.

    1. Hi Judy, looking forward to seeing what you come up with over the next few months, and you have a great day as well.

  2. Hi, I'd like to join...
    Juanita at


    1. Hi Juanita, you are very welcome to join in, I'll add you to the list which I'll update Sunday/Monday (depending on where you live!)

  3. Sarah, I'd to join in.
    Beverly @

    1. Hi Beverly, I'll add you to the list, republished this time next week.

  4. I would like to join in. I've been sewing up my stash since February and it has been a fun and satisfying exercise.

    1. Hi Towanda, you are very welcome - I'll update the list this time next week. Glad you have a stash you have started using.

  5. Hi Sarah Liz, I'm excited that you are doing this, and in such a low-pressure and encouraging way. I will be using a different blog to report my sewing progress. Instead of the blog, please use I'm looking forward to participating.

  6. Hi Sarah, I'd love to join the sew along.

  7. Hi SarahLiz, I've been meaning to take control of my stash, I think your sewalong would help me, please count me in.
    Jacq :)

    1. Hi Jacq - you will be in good company, lots of us have stashes that need sorting out :)

  8. I'm excited! I have been fondling my stash lately, dreaming of nice, well fitting garments to come of them. Ahhhhhh. :)

    And I owe my daughter PJ shorts. And a sweatshirt. Oy!

  9. Wow, can't wait to see what you make ...yes, I've got my stash out as well :)


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