The Psychology of Colour

Over the last 13 weeks, I have shared some ideas about style and colour from 1928.

This week I thought I would continue the colour theme and write about our perceptions about what colour symbolizes in this era.  It is considered that colour can impact on energy and mood, and so affect well being. 

Colour is a very visible aspect of our dress and therefore affects both the wearer and whoever views it.

Carries connotations of power or authority.  It is often worn by many women as a uniform for work activities.  Often a safe colour, can hint at lack of imagination, and some people hide behind it.

Associated with the earth, and is lovely, to wear if you are relaxed. Considered a friendly colour. Comes in varied shades - coffee, mahogany, golden brown, chocolate amongst them. Great substitute for black if you have warm colouring.  Looks great with another colour.


Approachable, friendly colour, wear it if you want people to open up - great for counsellors.  Good year round colour, but may need to be worn with other colours, especially if you are a Spring or Winter.  Can be in a variety of tones - stone, taupe, cocoa, natural and pewter.

 The colour of purity.  Always looks fresh.  Wear white in the shade that suits you from your palette  Looks 
good when the weather is hot.  


Another earthy colour, this time of foliage. A reassuring  and calming colour, also aassociated with creativity and imagination.  Once again, make sure it is in the right undertone for your skin - green can be warm or cool.   

Carries connotations of trustworthiness, logic, order and calmness (so wear it for that important speech to feel calmer).    Also associated with authority and is often used for law enforcement uniforms, and is used for naval uniforms.  The mid tone blues such as sapphire, sky and cornflower can add a touch of brightness to your wardrobe.   The paler shades look good in feminine garments.


 Considered the colour of energy, and the wearer often feels more confident.  A stimulating colour associated with excitement.  Great to wear if you are feeling tired.  Also good for romantic dates (due to the release of adrenaline! ). The colour has many variations, from tomato to raspberry red, but make sure you choose a tone that is from your palette (red can be warmer or cooler).  Lipstick must tone, even if a different shade (lighter or darker). 


Associated with femininity, gentleness, nurturing and empathy.  Lighter pinks are too soft for business, but a deeper pink can be worn to give a look of authority Looks lovely for evening wear and  good for love and romance.  Flatters the complexion if you wear the shade that suits you from your palette.


Symbolizes  sensitivity, spirituality and creativity, imparts a sense of relaxation. Can make a great alternative to black and navy, but not in conservative environments as it may signal non conformity.  Ranges in from deep tones to lavender and lilac.  If you are a little shy of purple wear it in a scarf.


Associated with intellectual activity.   Also lifts the mood.  Looks lovely on people with warm skin tones.  If you have a cool colouring, then pastel lemon works for Summers, and Bright Acid Yellow on Winters.

Sarah Liz :)


  1. I love black and wear it alot. Not sure what that says about me because I could care less about power or authority :)

    1. Hi, I have no idea who makes these ideas up, that then get passed around as some sort of truth! It's not that long ago that servants wore black, so much for power and authority :-)

  2. When I was in my late teens and early 20s, I remember myself to wear quite a bit of black. Then on to my mid 20s, a lot of browns, olive etc or as my mom calls it, my poop-y color, hehe... It's only in my late 20s and now I make quite a conscious decision to inject colors into my wardrobe. I suspect, if I just to grab something without thinking, it would be something black. But yeah, not coz of power, more like lack of imagination. And that my psychology saying that black can hide a multitude of hmmm stuff.

    1. Hi Far, It's interesting looking back at what we wore when we were younger - I can't imagine you in poop-y colour -I like you in that lovely pink top. I've got to work on injecting colour into my wardrobe too.


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