Making a Muslin part 2

Simplicity 4032
I have been working on a muslin to test Simplicity 4032.  This is a jacket that is sized for stretch fabrics.

I have bits and pieces of polar fleece left over from my warm winter leggings project and am using these to trial this pattern.  I will be making the final version in polar fleece as well.

I'm still a novice with using polar fleece - the first thing I made in my pre blog life gave me a few headaches so I vowed never to use it again.  Never is a long time in the sewing world, and I have to admit I'm starting to enjoy sewing it.

Perhaps because this jacket went together like a dream.   I cut size 12 and it fits me quite well with minimal alterations needed.  The princess seams at the back are vertical, and I think they work better on my straight, flat back than the curved seams do.

Picture time:
The front
I'm sorry everything is black on black but this is the jumper I will wear the jacket with - no good wearing it just over a t-shirt as the ease will not be right.  The sleeves are cut short  because that is all the fabric I had left - but it was really the sleeve head I wanted to test.  It was perfect, not too full - that is so often a problem with patterns.  The collar looks beautiful in real life.  Shoulders are too big - my normal problem.

The back
Hard to see in this picture, but believe me it sits nicely in real life - even when you twist to have a look in the mirror.

The side view
Ahh, a more animated view of me - I look so glum in the first photo.  This is more me :)

Waistline marking

I marked the waistline on the muslin - I had to tack it as nothing else would show.  My hand is holding my waist - and this waistline is at just the right height.  Normally I have to alter them.

The only real change I have to make is with the shoulder - that is too long and falling over my arm:

Move sleeve in half an inch.

I will also pay more attention to the seams in the final version.  In the muslin they are more like 4/8 than 5/8 inch.  The resulting fit will be better.

Again, I am really pleased with this jacket - it is working nicely.  I'm looking forward to cutting out the real one.

I may try a few more Simplicity patterns after this one - I've never really used them, but I'm wondering if the shape of the Simplicity slopers is better for me than that of some other pattern companies.

I plan to make up some stash fabric in this jacket - the 2013 Style the Stash Sew-A-Long started today.  Pop over and see some great stashes - our participants are also posting their plans.  The link is:

Happy sewing everyone :)

Sarah Liz


  1. That looks as though it's going to fit you really well, with out too many alterations. I have to take the shoulders in on almost everything I make, I don't know why they make them so wide!

    1. HI Sam, yes, so many patterns seem to be made for Amazons - not real people. I usually have to remake the pattern :)

  2. That's a great pattern! I made a couple of them when the pattern first came out and loved them. Probably time to pull it out and make a few more. Can't wait to see your finished project!

    1. I'm glad you liked it - I think it is going to be a handy pattern to have in the stash. Look forward to seeing yours too :)

  3. Hi Sarah! The jacket looks like it's going to be very well fit on you. Looking forward to seeing the complete project.

  4. Too Dark To See ThE Details But Definitely Can See How It.sits Good On You! :) Maybe I Should.Start With.A.jacket Too...

    1. Hi Far - yes it is too dark - black is not a good colour for blog photos, but a great colour for a basic jacket.

      Far, if you haven't made a jacket, they can be tricky - but I am sure you will navigate your way around and work out a way to make something. I will make a tailored one later this year and post the steps. I plan to make a coloured one in September so I can do a sort of see and sew tute.

  5. Your jacket is looking good.. The fit is going to be good.
    It is hot here, hard to imagine sewing with
    Happy sewing. I look forward to seeing your jacket..

    1. Hi Judy - yes, a few months ago you were in the depths of winter and it was hot here - and before long, the seasons will change again, well before we've finished seasons sewing.


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