My Weekly Chat and Welcome to New Followers

Another week has passed quickly here and it's time again to welcome new followers to my blog.  I'd like to welcome who has followed via Bloglovin. There are also two more followers on Bloglovin, but I don't know your names - hello to both of you :)

This week has been one where sewing was interrupted (something to sort out at work, and two doctor's appointment and other matters that needed attention).

So, I busied myself with working out my current style self - like many of you, I am in transition from one me to another me - we go through this transitions every few years.  It seems from your comments that I am not the only one.  I have found clothes I like and will attempt to translate these into me- mades later this year (or some of them, at least).  I have one more post to go.

Over the last two days I have been trying to work out what trousers to make - the idea was that they would be for work, but I can probably get away with wearing another pair for the time being. This relieves me of immediate pressure, so I can enjoy the process of playing with trouser shapes to find the one best suited to this project.  These are my muslins so far:

pleat front pants, higher waist

straight leg pants, no waist darts, lower waist

tapered pants, two waist darts, higher waist
I look rather fed up in these pictures - in fact I was cold and fed up!  Although I am wearing a t-shirt, it is still winter here, and cotton muslins are not fun to wear for self photo's.

I never make my muslins full length because I am only interested in fit around my torso.  This way I do not use as much calico (or whatever fabric I am using ).  I think it is such a waste of fabric - and it goes into the rubbish bin later.  If I want a full length muslin I tend to use a cheap fabric that I can at least wear.

This week I will tell you all about these muslins, what works and what doesn't and what garments I will use them for.  All three of them have potential, although maybe not for the original intent.  That, though, is the point of a muslin - to work out  both the fit and the suitability of cut for the garment you had in mind.

I'll also be showing you my Sure Fit muslin as well - a reader asked me about this system yesterday - and, even though it gets some bits right, some bits still are not right - for me, at least.  Or that could have been my technique :)


  1. Oh, one of those bloglovin followers was me Sarah! What a nice welcome :) Looking forward to sharing sewing joy with one another.

  2. Oh, I'm glad I found out who you are - it is lovely learning from each other - everyone has great ideas :)

  3. I've been thinking about you post on personal style for the last few days. You pose a very good question that I really hadn't considered until now. I tend to gravitate toward outfits and looks that help define my waist. I am 5 feet (~152 cm) tall, proportionally short, and very curvy. I like separates that include knee or above knee-length skirts and jackets that end at the high hip. The most recent outfit I made is an example of clothes I like to wear. I suppose I like classic styles with a little bit of urban chic. Thanks for starting this discussion. I am going to do a bit of snoop shopping tomorrow to see what other styles I like.

  4. thank you for the input on muslins. That is a great idea to do your pants muslins short [the lower legs really are not hard to fit].. And I agree , such a waste of fabric. have a good weekend.

  5. I think all three of the muslins look good on you.


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