New Fleecy Vest

Front of Vest
 Over the last few days I have recut a polar fleece muslin to make a vest to wear over jumpers now the weather is cooler.  It adds warmth and also gives a nice shape and line and dresses up a plain jumper nicely while still being quite casual.
Back of Vest
I recently made a jacket from Simplicity pattern 4032:

Simplicity 4032.
 Before I made the jacket I did make a polar fleece muslin out of leftovers from other garments.
(Just look at those sinusitis eyes - still getting better everyone - and for those of you who followed my colour posts, look how the bags and wrinkles show up with black next to my face).

The muslin
 This vest is view E on the pattern.  I removed the collar and sleeves from the muslin (which were a very different dyelot) and was left with the back sections, side front pieces and front pieces.  As you can see from the picture of the vest on the pattern envelope, the vest is shorted than the jacket and the front is narrower with a curved bottom edge.  So I recut the front pieces and removed the extra length.  Then I finished the vest but omitted the ruffle that is shown on the pattern envelope.  I prefer plain and simple.

Edge Finishing and Fasterners.
The edge of the vest (sleeves and other edges)  is finished with bias binding.  I also attached a hook and eye to the centre of the vest - the original in the pattern did not have a closure - and over time, that would annoy me as the garment would move around too much. I also like to be warm, so I think closed would work better for warmth.  I can leave the vest open if I want too, as the hook and eye are barely visible from the outside.

Seam Finishing
As in the original jacket, I also overlocked and flipped the seams so that they looked finished inside and lay flat.

Armhole binding
Now I must put up the final pictures - the ones I am never too sure about - me wearing the garment. 

Front View
For those of you who followed my colour and body shape guides, you can see that the winter white of this jumper is a lot more flattering next to my face than black.  You can also see that the vest gives an illusion of curves.  The black vest and black pants give a long optical line and make me look taller. 

Back view
And this is the back view. This little vest will also look good with skirts, especially A-Lines - which are on my list to make up from my stash as part of the 2013 Style the Stash Sew A Long.  You can find us on this address, and we are still accepting members:

Happy sewing weekend everyone :)

Sarah Liz


  1. Sorry to hear about your sinusitis. I hope you recover soon!

    A polar fleece vest is a great idea, and I do like the 'line' that it gives you. It's great to have some really useful pieces in one's wardrobe, and this looks perfect for winter.

  2. Thanks Kat, I've started the antibiotics now so hopefully will settle soon.

    I agree with you, I like making things I will actually use and wear in my wardrobe.

  3. Sometimes these basics aren't much fun to make, but they become the things we wear the most. That looks good on you.

    1. Thank you Beverly - I agree, the basics can be tedious, but always better than the shop bought equivalent.

  4. I love this little vest on you. Now you can get polar fleece in wild colors and make a few more! This from a fleece fanatic as it is so easy to wear in the winter.

    1. Yes, I thought of you and your fleece binges while I was making this lot up. It is wearable, I agree - I'll have to explore it's potential.

  5. I like your new vest, Sarah! It works very well on you :)
    I hope you get well soon.

  6. Hi Sarah, Hope you feel better real soon.. Love the vest...


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