Sunday's Chat and Welcome to New Followers

Another week has passed by very quickly - and every week at this time, I welcome new followers to my blog.  Most new followers have come via Bloglovin - so hello to Chris H , Thay Thay, Bluegingerdoll, Tracey Bell, EmilyC.  I think two more people have also followed via Bloglovin - but I have no names for you - but welcome anyway.

My blog is a fairly eclectic approach to my sewing problems as well as my sewing success stories.  It also helps to quantify what I actually do make - and at the end of the month, although I feel like I have not achieved much except making trouser muslins, I have made a fleecy jacket, vest and a corduroy skirt.

My learning this week has been about trousers - I have always found the Big 4's patterns to be a bit big for me - but I am learning how to alter vital areas of the pant - the crotch.  What I don't like is the time and energy invested in making muslins and then altering the pattern again, then doing another muslin.  This can take hours, and I really don't have that sort of time.  Nor do I enjoy it.  So next week I am going to road test a Burda Petite pattern.  I am a borderline petite, and I am wondering if the shape is nearer to my shape and if the fitting issues will be less.

Burda 7058, Miss Petite
I chose this pattern because it is so basic - just plain tapered pants with dart and side zip. This pattern could be used as a sloper which could be used as the basis for different styles of pant.

And hopefully there will be something in my trouser experiences that can help you too:)

I have cut out another skirt for the 2013 Style the Stash Sew A Long - so I will be making that up as well.

Our Stash Buster is now nearing the end of it's first month - and I can't believe how much stash has been turned into gorgeous garments, crafts and furnishings.  Do take a look at our Gallery:

I'll also be showing you how I sometimes use snoop shopping for inspiration about how to restyle my wardrobe.

Do have a good week everyone, wherever you are:)


  1. I think 3 garments are month are great regardless :-) I only managed 2. I am quite interested in how this pattern works out for you. I had been looking at this pattern for a while, but then decided it wouldn't really suit a pear. Nevertheless, I still like to see how it goes, because I do like the side zipper. My greatest fear with sewing pants is actually not any wrinkles or bulges, it is the fly front zipper (I know I just have to bite the bullet and it won't be as hard as I sit here imagining, but ... )

    1. Yes, three garments is great- sometimes possible to make lots, sometimes not :)

      I think you are right, this is not so great for a pear - I've cut the pattern and it really is made for slim thighs - you would have to alter it a lot for a pear figure.

      The front fly is not that difficult, especially if you start with a mock fly front - also doesn't add bulk. You could just start with a piece of fabric to do your first - not the whole garment.

  2. I am interested to see how the Burda petite pattern works also, as I find pants from the Big 4 too big also. I can fit parts of the patterns, but the thighs, and knees, and generally the whole leg. It is just a lot of work to "smallify" everything while keeping the essential curves.

    1. Yes, I am not sure what sort of Amazon's the Big $ cater to:). I'll be blogging the good and the bad of these pants, as per usual :)

  3. I also would like to send a BIG thank you in your direction for managing the sewalong. It is proving to be very motivating and I have bought ZERO fabric. whoo hoo!

    1. Thank you Mary:). I'm glad the sewalong is working - it's also you and everyone else that make it work :)


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