Weekly Chat and Welcome to New Followers

 It's that time of the week again (Sunday) when I sit down and enjoy catching up with blogs.

I also like to welcome my  New Followers - this week, Giggles, Melanie, Scheryka, Renata, and, from
Bloglovin, Sam.  I've found your blogs as well.

This week has been exciting with getting the blog for the 2013 Style the Stash Sew A Long organised.  This Sew A Long runs for 7 months and you can sew what you like as often or as little as you like, from your stash.  Our participants are all hopeless stash-a-holics, so we haven't made pledges to not buy any more fabrics, but we are all going to try and use some stash over the next few months.  If you want to join, please pop over to the blog and say hi, and send me an email: stylishsarah251@gmail.com.

The link:www.stylethestashsewalong.blogspot.com

It should be great fun and we would love to have you on board....


Last week saw me actually start some new sewing projects - the first part of the year seemed to disappear without as much sewing done as I liked.  So this week I quickly made two pairs of warm slim pants, based on a leggings pattern. To view: http://sarahlizsewstyle.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/new-lounge-pants-being-worn.html

Today I have been busy cutting out - a rare event for Sunday as I normally do things that need doing (you know the sort of thing - washing, ironing, chores of various sorts).    I have either caught up with them, or they could wait until next week.  So I went on a cutting binge:

The Wild Side Slim Pants
I quickly cut out the one piece for front and back of a leggings pattern - they are cut slightly larger as I think these will make great slim fit pants.  I don't look good in leggings - and I also think I am too old to wear skin tight leggings.

Some of you  might disagree - when do you think we get too old to wear something?  Or should we wear what we like regardless of our age and whether it actually looks flattering?


Then I cut out a polar fleece jacket - the muslin was completed yesterday:

Getting ready to lay out pieces prior to cutting.
Pieces cut and in basket ready to sew.
Whenever I make a garment, I always use plastic containers to keep everything needed for that garment in one place - including zip, threads, buttons - this is especially important if you have more than one garment cut out, because otherwise big muddles can occur.

So now I am ready to enjoy my day off this week - I can just move straight into the sewing, which will inspire me to get up really early!

I do hope you have a good week with whatever it is that life brings you this week,

Sarah Liz :)


  1. I am fairly conservative person so there are many things that I will not wear because I find them: 1. inappropriate, or 2. I am too old to wear them. I have a simple skirt cut out and just need to sew it together. That will be my first stash busting project! Have a good day of cleaning and hopefully relaxing!

    1. Hi, I tend to agree - although so much of what used to be called inappropriate has made it's way into fashion now, which is why I prefer the word style. You have a good sense of your own self, and choose a style that suits it. Looking forward to finding your first stash busting project posted - enjoy sewing it :)

  2. I love the idea of using plastic baskets to keep everything for one project together. I'll have to purchase a couple for my upcoming projects.

  3. I do the same thing. I have three plastic bins for my projects, and my daughter has three. I purposely did not allow more because I thought three in-the-midst-of projects at one time is enough:)

  4. I agree, three projects is the maximum to easily handle in an otherwise busy life. Especially with two people - you must sometimes have six projects on the go :)


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