For my Australian friends - Fabrics from Rathdowne's.

I don't live in Melbourne or Sydney and don't have access to interesting fabric stores.  I live in Newcastle at the moment, and our fabric store is the very basic Spotlight.   Very basic fabrics at not so basic prices. 

I had to find something better than homespun for some of my summer tops.  And voile at $14.99 a metre is far too much to pay - it's not even a great quality.

I have found a great place in Melbourne who will do mail order.  They don't have a web store, you must ring and ask for the type of fabric you want, or at least tell them what you are trying to make. They will post a sample card to you and label the swatches 1,2, 3 etc.  You choose the fabric you like and place the order with the description and what number it is on your card.  They also have a card with the same information on so your 1 is also 1 on Rathdowne's card.

 They do all the basics and lots of quality fabrics as well.  Fabrics come and go quickly so there is no guarantee that when you place your order the fabric will still be there.  (Officially, they are what are known in the trade as "jobbers" - they buy job lots cheaply and then resell them).

Fabrics - White and Blue lightweight cotton - including a self stripe one! Yum
I've just ordered some lightweight summer cottons for tops and blouses.  I've stopped stashing ad hoc on any fabric now, but this is a staple for me, and I do want some light cotton blouses. I always wear them, so even if stashed for a year or so, it will be a fabric I will use.

You do have to pay postage and handling which is not cheap (minimum $12.95 so plan your purchases well) - but my nice cotton was $6-50 per metre -so the postage, with a few metres bought, was well and truly paid when compared to Spotlight's voile prices.  Plus I get a fabric I prefer.

I've put a note on my sidebar so that you can find this resource again.

Happy stashing!

Sarah Liz :)


  1. Oh Lady! That's great! Where I live, the fabrics are also gold price ... I'm always on the lookout for online fabric stores. Although this shop you said is too far for me, I am equally grateful that you shared this. Kisses.

    1. Hello Rosy - yes, if you live in a small market, fabrics seem to be expensive. As you say, cost of getting anything from Australia to you would be far too high:0

  2. Hehe, well of course fabrics in Perth are very price-y too! Spotlight can be pretty hit and miss but you stumble across some gems every now and again, and then it's time to stock up

  3. Yes, I remember Perth fabric prices :). I always stock up too when Spotlight has a gem or too (rare) - which is why the large stash!!

  4. You are really naughty to pass this new fabric buying place onto us - of course I will have to just give it a try with a length or two! Poor old Spottie hasn't been the greatest up here over winter. Any other great online stores that you have up your sleeve???

    1. Hi Judith,I believe in passing the naughtiness around :). Rathdowne's isn't online, you will have to ring them and organise samples. I haven't yet tried online stores, but one I have read in Stitches is You could also try the Remnant Warehouse in Sydney. I haven't ordered online from them yet, but do know the store. The website shows very basic fabrics, but that is okay.

      I agree, Spotlight has been a little dismal (pardon the pun) this year. One goes in hope...


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