A StripedCowl...also a Tutorial on how I made it

I made this little cowl out of a piece of leftover knit fabric from my little striped t-shirt .

There was a rectangular strip left, and wondered what to make of it.  I'm not quite ready to venture into the world of me made lingerieout of small leftovers yet, so while thinking about the options, I started twirling the material.

And then the idea came to me.  There was just enough to make a drapey twisted cowl.

If you want to make one, you can make it whatever length or width you like - with as many twists as you like - play around and see what works for you and the fabric.  Then do what I did with mine:

First of all, I straightened the edges:

Fold in half with wrong side out ready to sew - my knit fabric curls quite a lot, so I pinned it:

Then stitch  it with an elastic stretch stitch , leaving a small amount at each end unsewn:

Turn right side out :

Start a twist - fold once:

 Then another three times - making four in total.  This gives three loops at the centre in due course. Play with your cowl to see what looks good on you.

Then join the centre back seam - this is why I left the seam undone earlier - so I could get in to manipulate this seam:

Next, pin and stitch :-

Sew the centre back seam with a stretch stitch:

When that is finished, you will find that the seam that was not completed is still open:

Place together and stitch on the outside:

There, done - a simple little sewing job:

But very effective:

That's if for today, happy sewing everyone:

Sarah Liz :)


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