Quick Sew Scarf and a Quick Garment Update

Hi everyone,

Sometimes fabric is staring at you, and you start to feel quite uncomfortable.   Those little bits bought for a specific purpose that are still sitting there, waiting to play their role in life.

This bit of cheap lurex /gauze fabric was one of those pieces.  I only had a small piece that I purchased to make a cowl/infinity scarf.  I would wear it in the evening if we were travelling - small and light enough to pack, and can transform the plain black jumper and skirt/pants into an evening outfit.  I would do the same if we weren't travelling as well - I don't have much need for evening wear and would rather transform an everyday garment with an accessory.

I also was rummaging around and found a large frog closure.  I thought this would be ideal to sew onto my polar fleece vest (Simplicity 4032)  that I made earlier this year from leftovers from other projects. It is designed to be worn open, but I prefer to hold it closed - it's warmer that way.

 This was the vest  closed with hook and eye:

And the hook and eye is now covered by the closure.  I would still use the hook and eye to keep the frog from pulling open too far:

(n real life this closure is sewn on straight - but they swivel when worn a bit)

All finished:

Until tomorrow,

Sarah Liz :)     


  1. Your vest looks great. I think it was a good decision. I have some shiny grey fabric - nice fabric, except it's shiny- I am saving it for a muslin....

    1. Using up fabric you don't like on a muslin is a great way of using it up :)

  2. I really like your scarf; that fabric really makes it unique. To me it would work for almost any occasion, I would wear this to work and it would replace a metallic necklace. Very nice use of this fabric. I like the frog closure for the vest as well.

  3. nice job on the vest, the scarf is great too, I picked up fabric for scarves a few weeks back just haven't had time to deal with them lol!

    1. Hi Helen, - you must find a little bit of time - they are so simple to make and you feel like at least you have done something :)

  4. Wow...what a difference the frog closure ,made..
    Love your scarf, happy sewing.


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