Scary September - Timemanagement Tuesday...

Most of us have busy lives, and fitting sewing into hectic schedules is not always easy.  I try and fit bits and pieces of preparation into some day,s and fit bits and pieces of sewing into other days - and sometimes I manage to do a bit of both.

In the middle of a project, I tend to focus, but at either ends, or with simple jobs, I'll often be working on one project while thinking about how to tackle the next.

After I complete my skirt, I will be wanting to make the next project - a really scary one - pants again.  So today I started tracing the pattern I might use.  I say might, because sometimes the muslin process tells me that this is not the right pant for now, or for the fabric.

The first job is tracing the pattern - I usually do size 8 legs, 10 hips, 12 waist (I'm a rectangle).  I am not sure about the crotch, so I usually start with 8 and put the size 12 curve in as well:

Multiple crotch lines on back of pants.
The pattern I am thinking about using has a pocket in it - for muslin purposes I usually just place the side front piece over the front piece and cut as one piece - saves time as I am only checking the fit and don't need to fiddle with pockets:

Side front pattern piece placed over front pattern for muslin.
You can see the pocket shape underneath - I have drawn the shape on the muslin fabric as I am not sure if I like this very scooped rounded shape.  I will have a look at the lines on the muslin when it is made up - I can always change the shape if I want a straighter sort of curve (!).

Pocket shape
This is the pocket shape - looks remarkably like a crotch curve, but it isn't.   What I also think about at this stage is how I am going to make the garment up - most of it is straightforward, but this curve is not going to easily accomodate seam binding, so if I use this shape I will have to interface the pocket bag with something non-stretch.

When I trace patterns, I lie them on top of thick white card - it makes the tracing easy to see.

Well, my pattern is traced and my muslin is cut - I'll sew that up after I finish my skirt - that will probably be tomorrow - hope to post Thursday - it's looking good.

Have a lovely day/evening everyone,

Sarah Liz :)


  1. What a super tip about the white cardboard - will definitely be pinching and using that idea from now on! Can't wait to see the skirt finished, then the pants finished ... J

  2. Oh no! pants again... :-) well... I have to admit - I have jsut bought muslin fabric having in mind making of new pant muslin :-) Here we go again .. long winter nights with pants fitting issues :-)

  3. lol you sound like me, by the time I get finished with a pattern it's custom made for sure!the closer to the end of Sept. it gets, the scaryer it gets lol I've got to tackel that zipper! great tips & happy sewing!

    1. Yes, total rework of pattern! Don't be scared of the zip, just start it - they are not too bad (after you have taken them out a few times:))

  4. Sarahliz, you are so right. It is hard to fit our sewing habits into the busy every day lives.
    I have had so much other things to take my sewings place, hope to get to sewing again real soon..
    happy sewing,and best wishes on your pants.

  5. Your pants pattern looks like it is coming along nicely. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

    1. I've got the muslin to do yet BeaJay! Proof in the muslin pudding :)

  6. This is going well forward, I anxiously wait to see the setting of this muslin over your body, so interesting these settings.

    1. Thanks Rosy, will certainly be posting a long post at the end.


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