Subtle Alterations to a Not Quite Right Skirt....

I made a skirt at the beginning of the year - what I call my first blog skirt.  I was determined to make a good first impression, and did a good job of an adaptation of a New Look skirt - complete with the suggested style length.

And even I was not happy - taking photo's for blogs was a new thing for me!

I wore it a few times in winter, but really was not happy.  The skirt was just a touch too long.  And proportions with a jumper or top were half/half and very dowdy looking.

I also wasn't happy with the width of the waist band - I like them just a little wider.  And normally I insert zips well, but I think I was a little anxious about showing all of you my work - so I have a few wobbles on the left hand side which I had ignored, except obviously I hadn't, as I was a little irked every time I saw the offending wobblies.

I also did not like the kick pleat - I think the fabric was a little soft for it  (a softer stretch cotton sateen).
So I undid it and cut of some of the length to the new hem length (yes, I made a mistake and forgot to add the allowance - easy to fix, I'll show you later...)

I re-inserted the zip on the left hand side and attached a new waistband - looks good inside now, doesn't it?

Now, when we get to redoing the kick pleat area - notice there is a little mark where  thread pulled - I hate that.  I tried to cover it - pens can work, but was not happy.  I'll show you one of my other tricks for little issues like this later...  I have turned the kick pleat into a split at the bottom of the skirt - I have sewn across the top, but hemmed the turnback by hand - slip stitch.

At top of the split, I actually make a little bar tack reinforcement - I do this with a few hand stitches.  There is a "proper" way of doing this, but for run of the mill clothes, I find this works well enough and is not that noticeable.  You can also anchor a hook and eye behind it - it just helps take any tension so that you don't split the seam:

In any case, it will be covered, along with the offending pulled thread with a daisy - I keep bits of guipure lace on hand for such emergencies. 

Voila- A nice little quirky feature instead of a pulled thread that annoyed me:

Now I must show you what to do if you accidentally cut of the hem allowance, or maybe there is not enough fabric for a hem allowance.  Make a blind hem.

I used a 1 inch (2 cm) bias binding strip and attached that.  I then finished the hem by hand- very neatly.  I quite enjoy hand stitching:

Much much happier:

If you look closely, you can see the little daisy (and you can see I've been wearing socks today!)

Now I love this skirt and will wear it a lot - I liked the fabric so much I actually have another skirt length put away for when this one is no longer wearable :)

Have a great weekend everyone, and tomorrow I will post an update on the Make a Garment a Month Challenge.

Sarah Liz :)


  1. You look so great in this skirt! And the little daisy is adorable - though I had to really look for it :-)

  2. Great fixes! It is a pretty skirt.

  3. A great skirt to wear in the coming warmer months - just love your daisy trick - you are full of very clever surprises ... J

    1. Thank you Judith - I'll keep sharing my little tricks and surprises in case other people find them useful too :)

  4. Love the daisy trick. Definitely something I would do.

  5. I like the shorter length skirt. That really did give it a better look and makes it more attractive on you. Nice tips you shared with us. I really like the fabric.

  6. Yes! I love the new length, as it matches the sporty fabric.

  7. The guipure lace is a brilliant idea. Somehow your tweaks have made the outfit look younger, too - well done!

    1. Thanks Kat - and I think the shorter length is what makes me look younger - less dowdy.

  8. SO proud you fixed your skirt. The new length is much better. SO pretty on you.

  9. I like the new length of your skirt, it look much better and flattering on you! Thanks for sharing a daisy trick, that is a clever idea :-)

    1. Thank you Hana - I love sharing little things that have saved me over the years, because it might help other people as well :)

  10. Wow! You did a FABULOUS job at making this skirt "right"! Nice work!


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