Sunday Hello and Welcome To New Followers

Hi Everyone,

This week I would like to welcome four new followers, all following  via Bloglovin - Rae, Juliane, Leonie and Gaye. If there is anyone else and I have not yet received notification, hello and welcome as well.

As some of you know, I had a problem with the Bloglovin follow button but Johanne at Bloglovin sorted things out nicely for me, so  a big Thank You to Bloglovin.

This week I succeeded in making my first knit garment (other than the polar fleece leggings I made earlier this year).  Thank you for all your comments with helpful hints and suggestions - I have, of course, as I always do, replied to each comment.

I do think I will be making more knit garments in the future - the problem is I have no good knit sources nearby - which means I am going to have to look further afield - and I already have a large stash...

I have also joined BeaJay's Scary September challenge - there is still time to join if you want to tackle some of those scary sewing projects - go to:

For this challenge I have gone back to the trouser challenge that has been ongoing this year.  And, the good news is - I have found a pattern for stretch fabrics that works for me!!!!  I'll post more this week when I have more to show you...

I'm using fabric from my stash, so that counts towards the stashbuster I am hosting - if you are new to this blog, you will find this sew-a-long

And if you have stash you would like to sew and style, you can still join us - we run until the end of December this year.

Have a great week everyone, wherever you are,

Sarah Liz :)


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