Make a Garment a Month Challenge - October 2013.

Hi Everyone,

The first month of this challenge has already finished and I'll be posting the finished garments later in this post.

People are still joining the challenge - it's great the word is still spreading via the button!



Lucille:  - Lucille has asked if her sewing group (SIN - sew it now - what a gorgeous acronym -and  a subgroup of.Atlantic Sewing Group, Nova Scotia) could join the challenge.  Of course, Lucille.  Please post the Make a Garment a Month Challenge rules on your groups blog and your participants should post there (as well as there own blogs, if they have them).

Okay, I am not going to spend too long boring you, but just a quick reminder that the rules are posted in the Make a Garment a Month Challenge page - go to the top bar of this blog to read them.

I am not that strict (not like Pattern Review, which I love, but they are very firm with their rules!).  I know life happens too, so just do your best :)


Most of you have written great posts about your Garment of the Month - I would encourage everyone to visit everyone else's blogs and have a really good look - so much effort has gone into these garments and the blogs.  You will find all sorts of great information, some great photos, and the support and encouragement everyone gets from comments really helps the sewjo. 

I am only posting one picture per person to encourage you all to go and visit each other and find out the inside details...

It's also likely I will miss someone, or someone is doing the challenge that I don't yet know about - just let me know by comment, or by emailing me -


It's time to post your November plans too - some of you already have, and I'll add these at the end of this post - and if I miss your plans today, I'll post them next week...

Good luck for November, and here are the October completers:





                                                     (Lisa made two garments for herself)

                                                  M. Inez:



                        (Andrea has completed two skirts for herself, and a petticoat refashion).

                                      Accordion 3:

(I'm posting this as it is complete except for the button- the button is not done as it is not the correct button - rather than compromise, it's best to do it later, rather than spoil the garment for the sake of the challenge).

                                                   Sarah Liz -

Mrs Smith, Knit Blazer.

Sew Blessed Maw, Tunic Top:
Judy, knit dress:


                                                                        Bluesea - no blog .

Farhana -
                                          Dorothy Dot Dot :


Sherry is taking part in this sew-a-long but doesn't have a blog.  She emailed me her picture which I omitted to put in... thanks for letting me know Sherry - this will happen occasionally as I am more than human :).  Sherry has made Jalie (2908) jeans in plain denim, and not in stretch as the pattern calls for.

Sherry - Jalie 2908 jeans sent via email


Marianne says she failed to complete this challenge - she was doing a crafty course and found that there was a lot to learn, and still bits to tweak.  She doesn't want to ruin her jeans for the sake of this challenge - and I quite agree.  Go and visit Marianne's blog for the full story....


Judy has already posted her plans - she is going to make this gorgeous dress:

 in this stunning fabric:


M. Inez

Is going to make this stunning gown:

She's chosen a gorgeous fabric - do pop over to her blog and take a look....

I think that is all the plans - do comment or email me if you have your November plans posted.  My email again

That's quite some post - what a great effort from all of you.  I can't wait to see what we all do for November, can you?

Take care where ever you are,

Sarah Liz :)


  1. What a great wrap up for the month. Congrats to all those who completed. Great items. I swear I have 3 half done so will definitely have a November dress done.

    1. Thank you BeaJay - looking forward to seeing your 3 garments soon :)

  2. Hi Sarah Liz.. Thank you so much for hosting the challenge. My October jacket delayed and I am thinking to take a break with it, honestly I don't have a mood for making a difficult garment :-(
    And for November, I will make an easy long sleeve top based on burdastye pattern.

    1. Hi Hana - sometimes that happens - don't fret about it - wait until the mood is right. I would hate anyone to spoil something or feel they have to sew just for the challenge. Just enjoy what you do sew :)

      I'll post your plans on the next update.

  3. Don't these all look fantastic! Well done everyone ~ can't wait to see what you all whip up for November. My goal is to have yet another dress finished for me, a little more 'formal' than the last. And it is in a fabric that is a little (well, actually BIG) out of my comfort zone ... should be interesting ... J

    1. They do, Judith - I love everyone's work too :0

      I am very curious as to what you are making Judith - you may surprise us all no end :)

  4. Everyone's garments look fantastic. Congrats on getting your October challenge done. Happy sewing.

  5. What fun to look through everyone's summary in one post! Thank you Sarah Liz for taking the time to pull this all together. It's exciting to see all the accomplishments and look forward to what November will bring. I am enjoying this challenge so much!

    1. Yes, it is quite a lot to do, but it does look great in one place.

      I think a lot of people like the challenge - look forward to seeing your November plans...

  6. It's great to see everyone's garments. Thank you, SarahLiz, this is a lot of work to keep track of everyone and make this post!

    1. Hi Andrea, yes, but it is lovely to have you altogether and sewing along :)

  7. Congrats to everyone who finished their October garment. Many thanks to Sarah Liz for maintaining our progress in her posts and encouraging us to press on. Hah! "Press on." Get it? I need a nap. I know.

    1. L, I do love the way you play with words - fantastic.

      Thank you for your thanks...

  8. Congratulations to everyone for such wonderful garments. My October garment turned into a fail and will post about it soon. Thank you SarahLiz for collating all the wonderful garments and now to start on November!

    1. Hi Sharon - some garments do this - usually the ones you think will be quick and simple to make up :). Thank goodness for a new month :)

  9. Very Nice garments!
    Lots of work for Sarah as this fun challenge grows and takes on a life of its own! :-)

    1. Yes Chris, it will be interesting to see where this takes us all : )

  10. Love seeing these all here together. So glad I heard about the challenge -- I missed October but will get right to sewing this month ;)

    1. I'm glad you found out about us as well - look forward to your November plans :)

  11. I can't believe I posted my November plans AND finished my garment in the same day LOL


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