Make a Garment a Month, More October Completers.

A couple of days into November I posted the Make a Garment a Month Challenge for the October completers.  You can see the post here:

Today I am adding those that had not published their posts by the time I published - quite understandable :)

I do encourage you all to visit each other's blogs - I am just posting one picture for each completer (unless more than one garment is made for the challenge, or they have been collaged) - you will find a lot more interesting pictures and information at each contributor's blog :).

I have also posted a Gallery which you will find at the top of this blog - just go to the top bar to locate it.

If I have missed anyone (quite easy to do) please do let me know.

Also, I want to let you know that I will be away Friday to Tuesday, but I have the Make a Garment a Month Post scheduled for Saturday - with updates about November sewing plans from all of you who publish posts before Wednesday and will be able to respond to comments.  Some things are sacrosanct :).  Any plans posted after Wednesday (which may be Tuesday where you are) will be added to next weeks update.

So, being added to the Gallery are:

Firstly, Sherry - and my big apologies Sherry, for not posting your garment on Saturday - thanks for telling me.  And Sherry has just started a blog, so please do say hi to her.

Okay, let's start:



Coco in BurdaStyle 7297


Louise wearing Butterick 5890

Maria has been making self drafted pants - from a Winifred Aldrich pattern making book.

Self drafted pants in batik fabric #1

                                                                 Self drafted pants in batik fabric #2

Tash in Simplicity 2250


Made herself a cotton bra...


A gorgeous top, McCalls 6604:

I think that is everyone now - do let me know if there are more of you out there either by comment, or by email -

Can't wait to see November's garments...

Sarah Liz :)


  1. Nice work everyone! I'm excited for November too :)

  2. This little challenge is really taking off!

  3. Great going everyone. I'm almost finished my skirt - just 1/2 the waistband, hem and button to go.....

  4. Hi Sarah, I would like to put your button on my blog, but having a hard time figuring out how to do it. Can you help if you have time or maybe someone that has already done it. Plus do I just Nov. picture on my blog or send them to you? Sorry, this newbie has caught on yet. Thank you, Sherry

    1. Hi Sherry - by now you will have received my reply on your blog :)

  5. Everyone , has made some really pretty garments.. Happy sewing to each of you.


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