Make a Garment a Month - November 23 - First lot of completed garments...

Hi everyone,

What an amazing group - some of you have already finished your November garment - and some of you have made more than one garment for posting in this challenge. And some of you have made other garments outside this blog - which is why I also encourage you to visit each other's blogs and see what it going on - there are so many ideas and talented sewers in the blogosphere.

Well, I won't blah, blah too much today - I'll post the pictures, along with a link to the challengee's blog, and a link to the post for the challenge garment.

I'll let the pictures do the talking, and your fingers to do the walking - to check out each other's posts...

In the meantime, those of you who are still sewing your garments - don't be put off by the completers.  We all go at our own pace.


Judith is wearing this in one of her posts:


Go and say hi to Mina and look at her lovely dress:


BeaJay was lucky enough to go to a scrumptious afternoon tea in this pretty dress:

Read more at about the dress and the high tea at:


Velosewer's "Brasilia" dress - lots more about this garment at:

Hana was hoping this little Burda Style top would work - find out more at:


Karen drafted her own pattern for this dress - read about this at:


Melwyk made two dresses for our challenge this November.  Here is the first:

 Read about this dress at :

And a second dress by Melwyk

 Melwyk will tell you all about which pattern she used and how she make this dress at:

Sarah Liz:

I can tell you about this skirt at:


Sherry has been brave enough to tackle a Jalie jeans pattern:

Do read more at :


Patty completed a UFO - a red skirt...

Patty can tell you more at:


For more about these pants, please visit:


Gaye has been busy making a wearable muslin :

And this is the  completed garment that she made from the muslin:

 Full details at:


Kathy has been busy as well - she made two garments this month:

A t-shirt:

And an A-line skirt:

Kathy can tell you all about the making of these garments at:

Well, that's the months round up of completed garments so far - and still a week to run...

And some of you are ALREADY  thinking about December plans :)

Good luck with your garments,

Sarah Liz


  1. How great are each and every one of these! You name it and we have sewn it ~ well done everyone ... J

  2. Nice work ladies!! I got some ideas for new patterns to buy ;-)

  3. Very nice! I love everyone's November makes!

  4. Nice Going! So great to see all these projects...

  5. Ooh! Aah! So nice- I hope to post next week.

  6. Woo hoo - you go gals!! We are all soooo very clever. Can't wait to see what we sew up next. Cheers to all, Karen

    1. Thanks for saying that Karen - we do need to remind ourselves that sewing is actually quite a clever skill :)

  7. So much inspiration, and so many blogs to go and read...what fun!


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