Sunday Chat and Welcome to my New Followers.

This week I would like to welcome 4 new followers who are following SarahLizSewStyle via Bloglovin - Jell, Helga, G and Brianna.

A warm welcome as well to Patricia, who is following via this blog.  Patricia is at

I do love all your comments that you placed this week.  My main posts were about stashing , Vogue 1247 skirt and blouse, and my November garment of the month,  a very basic garment, my New Look 6129 run - around skirt .

With stashing, I do love to organise what I have - that gives me a sense of control I think.  One commenter said her stash made her happy.  I thought it would be fun to have a chat about what stash habits reveal about the person. 

As you can see, a slight tendency to compulsive order.  I think half the pleasure of stashing for me is making sure I always have what I need to hand - a good supply of basics.  I hate not having fabrics that mix and match.   I also find that stashing with me is due to a sense of not being able to get what I want when I want it - and then not being able to co-ordinate my projects.  So I think my stash certainly reveals a lot about my desire to plan and be in control of my sewing.

What does your stashing say about you?

Now, Vogue 1247:

I loved your comments about Vogue 1247 and some of you raised some interesting points and ideas - this is certainly a pattern so many of you are familiar with.  I would love to talk about all  your comments when I post my finished skirt and top. 

And I was so surprised at your lovely comments about my everyday workhorse skirt:

 This year I have been doing a lot of very basic sewing.  I do love all the wonderful patterns out there, and want to make all sorts of interesting things next year.  For this year though, I set the goal of making lots of casual basics that are so needed in my wardrobe.  And these are the sort of garments that can be a little boring (after nearly a whole year of them) to sew.

But, I am pleased to report I am nearly done- my basics wardrobe is nearly complete - except for some pants for next winter.  And because I have stuck to relaxed basics in neutral colours and classic styles, I should manage to get some years from them.  

Very casual basics are also a good way to get basic sewing skills back in order.

Today I have started work on two more basic garments.  I have talked before about   mastering your mojo.
Well, there are some jobs in sewing that I just don't always like.  And I really have to work my sewjo - by tackling the disliked jobs:

Yes, sewing the pockets in pants.   I don't know why I have some form of inertia with these, but I do.

But they always turn out well:

I also had a block about the pockets in my next basic skirt.  I don't know why, because they are simple:

And, once again they look fine, I  just need to press them.

I think the basic problem is that I am just so bored with my self imposed plan of making sure I have a good wardrobe of very wearable basics! 

But,  I know I will be so pleased with myself when the year is ended and I have completed the task.

Tell me, how do you plan your sewing?  Do you plan it?  Or do you make what takes your fancy?  Do you sew to learn something new?  I would love to know :)

Have a great week everyone, where ever you are :)

Sarah Liz


  1. My stashing says I am a very random, ad-hock type of fabric purchaser who buys on impulse with my heart, and not with my brain! In other words, nothing matches anything!!! Sad, it is true, but all that beautiful fabric does look lovely in my home, stacked up neatly on the shelves. And then the fabric store has yet another sale, and off I go, sucked in again ... I just LOVE IT!!!

    1. Yes Judith, you and I have similar names...and similar stash habits.. The sales just suck me in too.ha

  2. Although I do have quite a stash, somehow the fabric I'm looking for is never in there. Every piece of fabric was bought with a specific project in mind, but then the seasons changed, or I needed to make something else first, or...and no, those nineties prints don't look that attractive anymore for my actual plans. What does my stash say about me? Too many plans spinning around in my head, too little time for sewing them up.

  3. My stash is stored in a cupboard, badly, and in two large plastic tubs, also poorly. Non fabric stuff - notions, rib knits, zips, interfacing and patterns are stored, badly, in yet another plastic tub.
    My 2014 aim is to sort, store or sew the stash.

  4. My stash is stored in a cupboard, badly, and in two large plastic tubs, also poorly. Non fabric stuff - notions, rib knits, zips, interfacing and patterns are stored, badly, in yet another plastic tub.
    My 2014 aim is to sort, store or sew the stash.

  5. I plan to sew, then I get distracted, then I sew a bunch of things unrelated to my plan, then I plan some more! :)

    I love your stash organization. I might do something similar one day! I need to use more of what I have. Ooh maybe I should rotate my stash and bring the "oldest" pieces to the top...they need to get sewn!

    I have 3 totes - bottom weights, top/dress weights and knits. Plus a couple of coating pieces and a box of linings. I also have a box of "off" fabrics for muslins.

  6. "What does your stashing say about you?"

    Help me!

    I have lots of stash - as described in a blog post or three. I love fabric and, in my mind, have ideas for almost every piece. Like MrsC, I sew, get distracted, plan, get distracted again, and then go on hiatus. Yet, the accumulation of fabric doesn't stop. I've cut back considerably compared to three or four years ago, though.

  7. hi Sarah Liz - I just signed up to follow this via email, so you can add me to your official followers list. :-)

    However, I wanted to mention that I've been following your blog for a while, using a Feed Reader. (I use Netvibes, but there are other Feed Readers, too).

    If someone follows you, using a Feed Reader, you don't even know they're following you? So, you probably have a lot more followers than you realize.

  8. I Love you plan of sewing Boring Basics.
    That's what I'm going to do next!

  9. I think what my stash says about me is that I'm an undisciplined buyer of fabrics and I love all my purchases. it also says that I plan on having too many clothes for the rest of my life. Lol.

  10. Sarahliz, Love this post... I also love your organization of your stash..
    I think , I am a combination of a lot of the ladies who posted above..Sales really get me!! I also have sewing plans, but get sidetracked to other ideas.
    Also, I see beautiful garments on other blogs, and I "just have to have" that pattern, or a similar pattern,etc.. First thing you know, it is on the shelf with the other fabrics/patterns.
    I do like to organize my fabrics though..And get so much enjoyment, in looking at them, and making plans[that most of the time...never happens.ha]
    And like you, I like having the basics at my house, I hate to start on a project and have to run to the fabric store ,before I can finish.
    But thanks to you and the stash busting challenge, I have really reduced my stash..[and have really cut back on buying more].
    Have a blessed/happy Thanksgiving.

  11. My stash is organised, sort of and grouped into woven or knits with similar colours, sort of. My problem is the same as so many others have said, random impulse purchases where nothing matches. If I decided to sew with a plan I would have to buy a whole lot more. Now there's an idea! Oh, I forgot, I promised myself I would use up some of the existing stash first and thanks to your Style the Stash challenge I have started.

    PS. Your pockets are beautiful!

  12. My stash is in a cupboard on shelves and all rolled so I can see at a glance what is in there. Seeing I am a stickler for my colours, there isn't any fabric in there that I don't love. My sewing is to get garments to wear that fit me how I want them to and it fills the holes in my wardrobe but at the same time with a plan of sorts.

  13. I just emptied a linen closetful of quilting cottons (unfortunately just into 2 big clear bins for easier access), and while i have been kinda productive in sewing, i have not sew anything for me since summer! Whixh means this weekend, being one of d busiest shopping time of the year with lotsa thanksgiving-black friday-cyber monday sales, i m gonna stack up with new fabric.. I can feel it in my bones!

  14. My stash is falling out of the cupboard and all over the floor. I keep having bright ideas about which fabrics will work together, or be suitable for a project - and then fail to put them back so I won't forget my bright idea. I should probably take photos with the ipad and then put them away.

    I think boring basics are an excellent idea.

  15. Hi everyone - I love all your comments - so much so I am going to feature them in a post in a few days to a weeks time :)


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