Make a Garment a Month Challenge - Your Wonderful December Plans

Hello everyone - lots of plans have been posted for December.  We also have a new blogger joining us - another Tisha from

I have lots of news for you about this challenge next year.  This challenge has become so successful that I need to set up a separate blog.  I am getting it ready over the next week or so.  All of you who have so far participated in this challenge by making and posting a  garment  are invited to join this blog. I will need your email address so I can send you an invitation.  The best way to do this is to ask you to email me.  This works with Blogger's automations well.

 This is a great opportunity to have a really fun community blog with other sewers who also want to challenge themselves in all sorts of sewing ways.  It's also a great source of motivation to be working with other lovely people to achieve a sewing goal.

I also want to let you know that Sarah Beth from is holding a RTW fast during 2014.   This challenge and Sarah Beth's challenge seem to be made for each other - it's also a great opportunity for meeting other bloggers who sew.  Sarah's challenge kicks off in January and so does our new blog.

The New Year is great time for setting new sewing goals - and joining a group is a great way to help make them happen.

Okay, that's the news done, now on to the real business - plans for the month of December.  Before these though, I just want to show you the last two garments completed for November.  And don't forget there are earlier posts, so all your garments should be up by now.  The gallery can be found here.  Let me know if I have missed you. 


What a beautiful shell top - full details can be found on Sharon's wonderfully informative blog.


Meigan had one or two complications with this dress - she can tell you all about them here.



Judith is making Vogue 8766 in this colourful print. 


BeaJay is making the Barb pant from Style Arc patterns in this lovely mint bengaline. Going to look good BeaJay.


Doroth is going to make this lovely  dress, Butterick  5523.  If memory serves me correctly, this dress is for knit fabrics.


Heather thinks she is being quite ambitious is making Vogue 1348 - visit her blog to find out why.


Harper jacket, by Style Arc

Chris is recovering from her wadder, so she is going to attempt something simple this month, the Harper jacket (a Style Arc pattern).  Good luck Chris :)


Melwyk has made lovely dresses during this challenge, and is planning another: Kwik Sew 4013


Debby is joining Chris in making a simple knit coverall this month - McCalls 6084


Kathy lives in Perth, Australia - and summers can get very hot in Perth, so Kathy has chosen this simple little dress, Vogue 1236.

Sarah Liz -

I'm going to make the very popular Butterick 5917.


Gaye is going to set herself quite a challenge - she is going to make a pair of trousers from M6361.

Gmarie :

GMarie is also on a dress roll at the moment, and is going to make  the (By Hand London) Elisalex dress this month.

Tasha sews:

Tasha is going to make herself a birthday dress - McCalls 6695.  She is going to use quite a striking navy chiffon - pop over to her blog to find out more.


Linda is the second person in our group to make up McCalls 6814.  It should look stunning.

(Well, I think this is what Linda is making - she was also talking about a making a skirt - but plans do sometimes wobble, we all know that :) ).

Mrs Smith:

Mrs Smith sews a lot, but has decided she needs a corduroy skirt - and she is going to use Simplicity 1783 for this project.

And some of you are undecided.  With Christmas quite close, that is understandable :). 


  1. Looks like December is quite a busy month and there's some great makes in the pipeline :) Looking forward to seeing the new blog and I might just have to join you all so as I can set myself some goals for each month as well :) I've been toying with the idea of also joining in on the RTW fast in 2014 as I don't think this would be too hard of a challenge for me as I don't really buy clothes anymore for myself anyway. I think this year I only bought clothes when we went on holidays and even then it was really only because I was in holiday mode. To be honest I think I've only worn 1 or 2 of the pieces I bought about once or twice so I could have saved my money and put it towards buying fabric instead LOL

    1. I don't know what I'm waiting for so can you please add me to your challenge to Make a Garment a Month. I'm in Yeah :) I suppose I need to set myself my challenge for December. I'll work on that and let you know what I come up with. I do have an idea for something that I've been wanting to do... and that's to draft a pattern off of an existing dress that I have and wear to death as it's sooooo comfortable. It's just a simple casual maxi dress with a cross over bodice. OK that's it... that's my challenge for December. I best get working on my plans for it as I've only got two weeks before we head off for our xmas holiday... oh and I can wear my challenge dress as it would be perfect for our Bali vacation :)

    2. I'm glad you are joining in Chris - I think there is going to be quite a bit of enthusiasm next year, especially linking with people who are also in Sarah Beth's RTW fast. I loved the way you made up your mind - it's not easy with all the wonderful choices out there. I'm setting the challenge up more for busy people, because I think most of us if we work steadily can make one garment a month. The new blog will go up on Wednesday in it's first basic form.

    3. I am glad I am too and really looking forward to sewing through 2014. I've actually already started on my Make a Garment a Month project and have drafted my pattern off the RTW dress and my bodice pieces are already cut out. Not waisting any time on this one LOL

  2. Good idea to start that Garment a Month website.
    A lot of people (myself included) have found this to be a very motivating challenge! Lots of work for you, though, Sarah...

    1. Yes it is a lot of work, but once I set the site up, it isn't too bad :)

  3. How do I post the garment that I plan to make for the month of December?

    1. Hi Tisha, just post on your blog and label it Make a Garment a Month December plans. Then I'll collect it :)


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