Make a Garment a Month ...December 2013

Hello everyone,

December has flown by and some of you have actually managed to make a garment this month - and some of you haven't - but that's okay, December is one of those sorts of months where sewing sometimes doesn't happen.  Sadly. I'm sure we all miss sewing when we can't do it.  I find it very grounding and relaxing.

As you all know, the Make a Garment a Month Challenge now has it's own blog.  So, from January 2014 please post your plans and the completed garment directly to this blog, as well as your own blog of course.  The rules of the challenge are posted in the top bar of the blog.  So do check them again.  You can find the blog here.

And for those of you currently completing your garments, why not post them directly on the new blog?  Some of you have already done that. 

The 2013 gallery has also been posted on the new blog.

I have an embarrassing confession to make - I forgot to post Marianne's plans for December.  Luckily with the new blog this will not happen:).


 Marianne is making a By Hand London dress - I don't know how I could have missed this post with the lovely vibrant red :).

We have a few more intrepid completers for December:


Judith has made a gorgeous dress for Christmas:


Leonie has also been busy making a top which was worn on Christmas day:


Monica has also been busy making a special Christmas garment:

Well, that's the garments so far - and do post on the new blog when you have finished yours.  The link is here.

See you soon...

Sarah Liz


  1. OMG! Are we not the best dressed gals on the earth thanks to your challenge?!? Can't wait to see what we all whip up for the first month of 2014 ... J


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