Make a Garment a Month - the rest of the November garments.

Quite a few of you have posted your garments this week, so I think this is the last November round up.

You can find all the garments on the Gallery page -  click here.

My apologies to Candyce, who had finished her garment earlier this month. Not what she originally planned - but that doesn't matter.  My plans often change mid stream too!


For more about this very upbeat outfit, visit Candyce's website. 


Linda - Faux Leather skirt

To see how Linda constructed this skirt, click here .


Judy - Knit dress
To see what pattern Judy used and what problems she had,  read this post.


Heather - Washi dress

Heather can tell you all about this dress here.


GMarie - Anna Dress

G Marie managed to complete her garment this month after making a wearable muslin.  All the details can be found here.


Tasha has made a Mimi G skirt - which she wears so beautifully.  Full details here.

I think that is all of you...

On Saturday I will post everyone's December plans - some of you will of course be busy during the next few weeks, so you may not have time to participate.  And some of you may have more sewing time.

Until tomorrow,

Sarah Liz


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