New Summer Pants

This week I am finally posting garments I have been making slowly - and I mean, slowly, following my principle of doing a little sewing every day.  It's really a good approach to making those simple basics that everyone needs in their wardrobe. Today I will be showing you my version of New Look 6216, the trousers.

I made them in cotton broadcloth, as I like natural fibres - they are much cooler in the  heat.

The trousers are designed to sit just below the natural waistline and have an elastic waist with drawstrings.

I used size 8 and just added a tiny bit at the front side waist. I didn't alter the pattern much at all except for raising the waistline an inch/2 cms.  I also made the back rise half an inch higher, as I have a long back rise.  I decided not to worry too much about fit as these are just knock around, casual trousers.  I did my standard baggy under seat alteration, and shortened the pants by 1 inch/2 cms.  The trousers have front pockets which were quite fun to make - the pocket bags folded back on themselves. I omitted the drawstring and just used elastic around the waist.

The hips are quite roomy, but I like a lot of ease in casual pants - the ease allows for ease of movement as well, especially important when using a non  stretch fabric.  Also, I like to create the illusion that I have hips!

The pictures can tell the story.  Just in case it is not obvious, these pants are not black but a nice navy.  I am wearing the pants with a camisole - I wouldn't dress like this in real life, I would wear the pants with a top - but the camisole allows you to see the garment as it really is:

 As you can see, the pants are very roomy around the mid section - I find that really comfortable for movement while doing chores, sitting reading, sewing, all those everyday things.  There is also plenty of room for bending over and walking up stairs.

The bottom fits nicely, not too much sag under the tail, and although there is a little bit of leg wrinkling, that is always going to happen with someone who has long thin legs.  And for cheap casual pants made out of cotton broadcloth that will crease, does it really matter?  They are still better in fit than RTW pants on me. 

And here is the side view - again, the pants look quite good for basic elastic waist pants. Again, you can see the leg wrinkling at the back, but if you look at my slight back and the angles I have to use to maintain a centre of gravity while standing ( my little toy soldier stance) you can see why this will always be a bit of a problem. What a lot you can learn about body shape from sewing and blogging!

And now for the view of the pockets:

I like these pants, and they will be a great staple in my wardrobe for many years to come.  I aim to get at least 5 years from them, so these are a real investment workhorse garment.  They may not be high fashion, but they work.  Ahh, the benefits of getting older and wearing just what you like without worrying about whether it is "on trend"or not.  Just so long as it looks good for the activity, I am happy.

I hope you are enjoying some sewing success amidst Christmas activities.

Sarah Liz :)


  1. They look like the perfect pants and are spot on for what you intended them for.

  2. Great Pants! It's the simple garments that are lasting fashion...

  3. Great job on these pants. Always so nice to have a pair of navy pants. it is winter here.. but I am so ready to sew some summer every day clothes. That is my plans for after Christmas.ha Happy sewing.

  4. They are lovely. I can see how they will be in high use for you. They would be for me too.

  5. Great fitting pants with a lovely silhouette. That looks like a very useful pattern to have.

  6. Hope you don't mind I just pinned your post because you spoke of all the things I need in a pair of pants. My life is revolves around activities 'at home' and these fit the bill on every level - comfort, CUTE pockets!, 'stylish'.... and historically NewLook patterns fit me well too. I'm checking to see if I can order this pattern online - and I've never done that before. Thank you for sharing, not only the alterations you made to get the fit you wanted, but also embracing the casual wear aspect of clothes for daily 'life'.


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