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Hello Everyone,

First of all, I would like to thank you all for your lovely comments last Sunday - I really appreciated them, but have been so stowed under the last week or so I had no time to reply individually - as you know, usually I do.  Thank you all for your well wishes with my study..

Which sort of intersects with this post.  I have found the first two weeks particularly heavy going - this is always the case after a break from study.  I have to work really hard at Statistics, and usually decide about day 1,  that I will withdraw.  Then I take a deep breath and say to myself, head down and get on with it.

Then there is the Research Ethics - we have a residential school in April, so there is going to be quite a lot of work to do.

So, I have reverted to student ways - t-shirts and pants.  I decided I needed to spruce these up a bit, so I did a little bit of sewing every day and came up with three little scarves.  Total time about one hour, done in small bouts.

The first is a little infinity scarf made out of polycotton.  I thought it would be too stiff, but it actually makes a nice casual cowl.  And if I am looking tired and washed out, it is because I am :)

The  second little cowl is made out of of a viscose knit (which I found as a very cheap remnant piece of 35 cms)  with lots of stretch and drape. I thought it would add a flash of colour, which I crave at the moment but don't have time to remedy other than this way.    I made this little infinity just a bit shorter than the black and white scarf. 

And the third scarf is made using the leftovers of the viscose knit - it's a sort of multi twisted infinity.  I liked this chunkier twisted look - it looks better in real life, but the picture gives some idea.

And note to self - must do something about the student appearance - I tend to look quite bedraggled! Oh well, things will settle soon (I hope).

And then I can think about making some tops in a more flattering colour than black - then I might look a little more alive again (even if I don't feel like it :)).

I do hope your sewing week gave you lots of satisfaction,

Sarah Liz


  1. I do like your infinity scarves. Scarves tend to look like bits of string around my neck and they never stay in place. Infinity scarves are definitely the solution. Finding time to study on top of everything else is going to be hard but I'm sure you'll make it. :)

  2. I admire your drive and as I am planning to return to studying next year I am amazed you even had time to make the scarves. I wish you all the best and it is nice to hear from you even if you don't get any sewing done :-)

  3. A student life ... brings back memories! Good on you for at least finding a small amount of time to whip these scarves up, my personal fav on you is the 2nd one! I also haven't done a great deal of sewing in recent weeks, work is just all too consuming at the moment ... but at least sewing is always something that we won't ever forget how to do ... J

  4. Lovely infinity scarves. Such a nice alternative to necklaces.

  5. Sewing as a study break. Better than drinking or partying to excess. Have you made a pencil case yet?

    Stats is easier when it relates to you. Make up a quasi randomised study (about anything), create fake data and see the numbers create meaning.

    All the best with both study & sewing.

  6. Scarves are a great way to dress up a casual look. As for statistics, you can do it. Accordion3's idea of creating a study as an example is a good idea. Blogspot has a stats page that gives information about visitors to your site. Perhaps you can get some ideas from that. Like I said, I never took stats so I don't know much about the course.

  7. Love your new scarves.. so pretty... Sending best wishes for your school work..Hope it gets better and you get in the groove ,real soon..

  8. I encounter students every day with my job (college professor) so my sewing journey is where I become the student. It helps me relate when students tell me this is hard or frustrating something is because that is sometimes how I feel when I work with a new technique, pattern, or fabric!

    Lovely scarves! Good luck...

  9. Good luck with your studies. Finding a balance between work, rest and play that suits you is a bit of a challenge. Hopefully sewing, and your blog, are things you want to do because they relax, distract or invigorate. If they become something else you 'have to do' and just add to the overall stress levels, then not good! You are clearly a very busy woman, but to fit in new things to a busy schedule means that other things have to go, or be deprioritised. Good luck with your choices.

  10. I am totally impressed that you've found any time to sew with your level of studies! Good Luck with all you have on your plate!

  11. Just wanted to wish you "best wishes" this week..Hope your school work is coming along and you are getting it done.. Know it is difficult..Hang in there..

  12. Good luck with your studies! I'm sure once everything settles down you will still find time to sew. I like the colour of the viscose scarf on you. It really suits your colouring and brightens your face.


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