Another New T-Shirt - New Look 6216 modified # 2

Here we are again, with the longer dolman sleeve version of New Look 6216.  For those of you who are not familiar with the story so far:

The pattern:

 The first muslin, cut as size 8 from the pattern:

Huge baggy body, and arms that are very slim - and due to the stretch factor going down the arm, no give in the sleeves, as you can see at the elbow above.

I modified the top by taking out 2 inches:

I have used this smaller version to make another little t-shi rt, which most of you have seen - but if not, this is where you can find it.

I still wanted to make the dolman sleeve version, and had bought some of Spotlight's cheap purple knit - which I think is a viscose, because it is soft and wrinkles like mad.  And the burn test also indicated a natural content - which cellulose is.  I was playing with the fabric while I was waiting in Spotlights interminable queue and realised it was a two way stretch.

Ahhhaa!  That means the stretch would go around and down the arm - so I thought this would solve the problem.

So I cut out my modified pattern, and added back the arm length and added another inch, to give a nice three quarter sleeve.  I couldn't have got a longer sleeve as I was having to work with the width of the fabric.  Mind you, I could add a band, I've got quite fond of bands as a way to add some length:)

 I did stitch clear elastic down the first section of the sleeve - about eight inches/25 cms.  I thought that would be enough, and I ran out of clear elastic.  So that was that.  It seemed to be about the right amount though.

Picture time (and again, what a difference a different fabric makes to the very same pattern):


 Back (still roomy, but I quite like that - when you are thin, it is not always a good idea to have garments that cling to you).  (And if you are not, then it is still sometimes not a good idea!!):

 And I can easily bend that arm:

 I had a scrap of fabric left over, so I made one of my semi knotted scarfs - I like to play around with placing the knot for visual interest.  It adds another dimension to the top.

 I think I have finally finished playing with New Look 6216.  It's been quite a journey!

I also wanted to show you inside.  I still don't run the overlocker off as neatly as I would like around circles (like this neckband)  so I have a way to hide the problem - until I work out the overlocking solution. I think I have, but I need to see if it really is a solution first.  The topstitch below the neckband is a zigzag stitch, set on 1.  My big machine doesn't have a stretch stitch, but a slight zig zag will stretch.  If you don't have  a special stretch stitch, use a zig zag.  Play around to get the width right - so it is not too zig zaggy, but still stretches.

That's it for now, have a lovely weekend everyone,

Sarah Liz


  1. Yeah! I think you have got the fit perfected. The purple top really looks good on you, glad you found the right knit to make this work.

  2. Loving the lace at centre back, this is a gorgeous colour on you.

  3. Oh this is just perfect!!! Love it all; fit, color, the scarf, the lace. Just gorgeous!

  4. Wow! Looks great. I was so fearful of knits but now, it seems silly. You seem to have got a handle on the knits and are producing lovely garments.

    1. Knits do handle differently Annie - but once you get used to that they are fine. The first knit garment I made it was a case of "I hate knits", but now I find them much easier :)

  5. Just perfect.. Love the little lace in it.. and the scarf..

  6. I really love this color on you, it suits you perfectly. Glad that your top turned out nicely and love the scarf too :)

  7. Another great top and stunning colour. You have really got the dolman sleeve worked out!

  8. Pretty Tshirt. Well worth all the trouble!

  9. Every one of your NL6216 tops I think are your best, but this one really is! Color and fit look great on you and I like this sleeve length - too! Thank you for including your tip of how you finish the neckline. That is a pretty finish. I like the touch of lace also.

  10. Well hello to you. Also did this top. Turned out huge on me. Did some darts... in stretch not ideal but works. Your NL6216 turned out just right colour fabric and fit. Love it

    1. Hello Charmaine - at least you managed to salvage the project :)


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