Does Sewing Save Money part 2 - your wonderful comments...

What fantastic comments you all left on my recent post Does Sewing Save Money.

If you haven't read this post, do go and have a peep at it - and do look at all those wonderful thoughts that other sewers have about whether sewing saves money.

It seems in a nutshell that sewing does save money, especially when comparing cost of fabrics for me made clothes with the prices of better ready to wear or quality fabric garments.  It also appears that most of us get an intrinsic pleasure out of sewing (even allowing for all those inevitable mishaps) that is worth more to us than the price of sewing per se. 

So, for most of us, sewing is not so much about saving money, as gaining other qualities in our garments - uniqueness, good fit,better fabrics, better quality, better construction, creative,tactile satisfaction  and enjoyment.

And some of us can't find RTW that fits, so sewing is not about cost, but about getting garments that fit.

I think L's comment sums up how most of us feel about the cost of sewing:

"If we're speaking strictly in financial terms, then sewing does not save me money. After one considers the cost of machines, fabric, notions, and time, making clothes is not cheap. There are ways we can become cost conscience, but it's hard to beat buying a pair of jeans at Old Navy for $15. However, if we consider quality, creativity, sanity (when not wielding a seam ripper), and the joy we get when we can say, 'I made it,' there is no price that can be attached to this."

(If you don't know L you can find her at ).




With all this in mind, I had to buy more stash today at the Spotlight 40% off sale(over Easter).

Even stashing is therapeutic (so the cost can't count!).  All those wonderful plans - great distractions from the everyday mundane.

And really, when I make up this little pile, I will have a lightweight polar fleece dressing gown for fabric cost $15.00 (to be made for next Autumn)  a little faux snakeskin skirt for fabric cost $8.99 (make this winter) and a little pink skirt (make next spring, fabric cost $7.99).

So really, this was quite a cheap excursion!!  And really, for the price of one dressing gown at a cheap shop such as Target, I am going to get three nice things (in my fantasy world in any case- thoughts now have to be translated into actions!).

Mind you, I do tend to translate thoughts into action: I managed to sew two simple pairs of pants yesterday - DH was on call and covering, so I had the place to myself.  So now I have five pairs of basic pull on pants:

The three pants to the left are made out of stretch cotton sateen and I have blogged about them here.  I'll blog about the black and white pants, and the stretch black crepe pants later on.  For now, I have completed my basic pants set for the next year or so.  Total cost each, about AU$25.00 including threads and elastic.  If you live in the U.S.A divide this figure by 2 and you will be closer to the cost of fabric in your part of the world.  Again, in the UK, as you have a different currency, lower this cost a little bit.

Now, the cheapest I can get stretch cotton sateen basic pants here is from a mail order company - $49.00 a pair plus postage.  So I have saved money.  Now I just need to make up the rest of my stash!!

Do have a safe, happy Easter everyone.

Sarah Liz


  1. Replies
    1. Npt quite, but I did have a busy sewing period - I just wanted to get these out of the way :)

  2. You're now an expert at making those pants. They look really good.

  3. Love these pants! They all look great :-)

  4. I did not get a chance to comment on your first post in this series, but my answer has to be - heck no, sewing does not save me money. But it does afford me better fit, and helps me with my confidence when it comes to learning new techniques.

    1. Hello Faye, I like your honesty here!!! And you are right about the learning and the fit.

  5. The more I wear pull-on pants, the more I like them too! You've sewn yourself a nice collection of choices now! That's great! I like your new pinks you've added to your stash.

  6. Sewing is more fun than clothes shopping. No getting stuck in something too small with a broken zipper behind a curtain either!


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