Garment 1, Week 1, Me Made May 2014

As this is my first Me Made May, I decided that I would not overwhelm myself by trying to post everyday.  Instead, I pledged to wear one me made  garment a week.  I do want to take photos of the weekly  garment to post, because this is a way of looking at the garment through different eyes. Which is what I managed to do today with this weeks chosen garment.  My first pair of stretch pull on pants, in a stretch cotton twill.

I originally saw a pair of patterned pants made by one of our better RTW labels - they were paired with a trench coat.  I sort of wanted that look.

I made these just before summer, and they were too thick to wear at that time.

Today is a nice mild day,  decided that I would wear them, with a long tunic jumper. 

And if I am popping out, I can put on a trench, as originally planned:

They are very comfortable, and I have decided to make another pair (I've just made 5 in various fabrics) in a fabric suitable for work.  Today's wearing has got me more enthusiastic about what I was perceiving as sewing another boring basic, but I think I can about make them again now :)

Another win is that the long tunic jumper has sat in the jumper drawer unworn for about ten years.  I disregard everything that is said about tossing things out if they have not been worn for twelve months (the logic being that you never will).  The tunic jumper just needed the right thing to go with it.

The trench is a cheap one from one of our budget RTW stores.  One day I shall make one - it's on the list :).  With a bit more of an A-line shape to balance my straight shape.

P.S.  For those of you who want to know what pattern I used:

Kwik Sew 2960

 I did not use the waistband and zip - I added an elasticized waistband instead, and just added a tiny bit more to the side seams so that the pants would go over my hips.  These pants are cut at the original hemline which I find a little short - they work for these cheeky pants, but for my other pairs I added a little more length.

The original post can be found by clicking here.

Yesterday I had lots of old files to put away - I had to re-arrange metal shelves first and then sort the filing boxes out - a dirty job.  So I wore neat, but take the dirt clothes that were in office sorts of colours.  All of this is RTW.  The t-shirt does not fit brilliantly, but look at the pants:

These pants are made in a stretch bengaline and are cut for very curvy thighs.  I literally can't get RTW pants to fit me - they are always big and saggy in the bottom and thigh area, if they fit my waist.

The back looks just as bad:

And when I drop that fullness from the side, it bags and wrinkles down the back and sides of the trousers.  My worst RTW are better than this, so that is why I am making all these basic, boring pants!!

So, after the skirt I am making, and after the pajama pants that put themselves on the list, it looks as though I will have to think about scheduling the work pants :)

That's it for today, wishing you all the best,

Sarah Liz


  1. Great outfit and so glad your jumper has found something to wear with it.

  2. I really like the way you styled your outfit! You look great! Also agree on your logic about 'not throwing things out you haven't worn in a year'.... the minute I've done that, I find I've got something it'd be 'perfect' with and by then it's gone.

  3. We have the same problem - I just can't seem to find RTW pants that fit well. I'm going to start making pants too, and I love the Kwik Sew pattern you used.

    1. You have very slim legs too, so I am not surprised. Trousers/pants are tricky to master, but once you have the basics a new world opens up.

  4. That's lovely!! The jumper is a good match with the pants. And your black trench is lovely too.
    I love the idea of making your own trench, as you said - a little bit A-line shape will be perfect for you :)


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