Garment 2, Week 2, Me Made May 2014

 I was rather stuck thinking about what garment to wear as my second garment in the Me Made 2014 challenge.  Then I realised I was wearing it :).  I had to go to the physio this morning, and am wearing very casual clothes that are easy to get on and off.  We are having a cold snap, so I needed something warm on.  I quickly found this coat, which I made some years before I started this blog.  It's a New Look pattern, and I am afraid I no longer have it so I can't tell you the number.  It has been discontinued.   A few years ago I did not keep all my patterns, but I really think it is a good idea to do so, unless they are total failures.

I made the coat out of a thick red wool that I found in an Op Shop.  I gave it a good washing, in the machine.  Fabrics have to stand up to wear and tear, and ordinary treatment, as far as I am concerned.  No prima donna fabrics for Sarah Liz.  It may have felted a bit, but that makes it even better!

It's a simple shape, only side seams and a back seam, no bust darts, two patch pockets and a collar.

This is the back view:

Here are some of the details, first the collar:

The collar is finished inside with bias binding.  Unfortunately I didn't do a very neat job at the ends, so I covered my inadequate finish with a fabric rosette, which looks nice inside :

The patch pockets were simple and just top stitched on:

And I ran out of fabric for the second front band - so I pieced it.  I used it as the button band, so it is underneath when buttoned, so it doesn't show.  And if the coat is unbuttoned, it is a neat join, so does it really matter?  I think not, it's such a lovely coat.   I used large self covered buttons.

The last picture is closer to the actual colour of the coat - the sun and the flash were washing a lot of colour out. 

So that is this weeks garment posted!

Looking forward to seeing your me mades, whether in the MMM14 challenge, or in your sewing posts.

Sarah Liz


  1. Lovely coat, Liz, and lucky fabric find in an op shop!

  2. Very nice! Love the color and the little quirks! :)

    I had to piece together my waistband on my denim skirt. Completely forgot about it until I read this. It certainly didn't bother me while wearing it! :)

  3. What a beautiful coat, Liz. I love the color; it looks great on you.

  4. Beautiful coat and you look great in that color!

  5. Excellent coat. Hoping the physio was effective.

  6. What a nice coat! And I love the red!

  7. This is pretty coat and color! Nicely done inside and outside. I like simple style coat too :)

  8. Lovely coat! The colour is gorgeous.

  9. Perfect coat for these cold days and love the colour!

  10. A good looking coat, and nice to see 'problems' turned into features. I hope physio visit went well.

    1. Thank you - yes, one of the tricks of sewing is learning to make problems features !

  11. You did such a wonderful job on this beautiful coat!


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