Garment 3,Week 3, Me Made May 14

Well, I am starting to feel a little better, and am back to blogging again, and next week sewing :).   Today I have managed to take my garment for this week for Me Made May 14.  Actually, I am wearing two me made garments today. This is a very casual outfit, which I don't think about too much when I get dressed-  it is just quickly put on so I can get the supermarket shopping done, fill the car with fuel and any other annoying and practical things that need doing - and that need clothes that you don't worry about and that you can move in.  Then home to more pleasurable things - like the washing, the ironing, and if I am lucky, some sewing.  You know how it is :)

I am not in love with either of these garments - they were both learning curve garments, but I still tend to wear these clothes as well - they all cost money to make, and they all took time.   I find these sorts of clothes very handy though for those "I don't really care what I am wearing" times - and 0800 on Saturday morning, to go to a supermarket I don't like (it's in a low socio economic area and the above outfit actually looks really smart!!), this works for me.  And I save my better me mades for better occasions.  Which seems only logical to me :)

And, both of these garments have very useful pockets.

The trousers were made from a Palmer Pletsch pattern that is supposed to teach you how to fit pants.  I guess as a beginners guide it is okay, but I think I need more advanced alterations methods.  This is the pattern.  I think it is now out of print.

 McCall's 5239

Unfortunately, the alterations are based on taking out a bit at the back if you have a flat bottom, and pulling them up at the waist.  This would probably work for people that didn't have reed thin legs like me, but as you can see, this pattern is seriously baggy.  Have you noticed a lot of patterns say semi-fitted, and not tailored??  And I have decided I like the tailored look, not the baggy homespun Pollyanna Practical look that I have resorted to, because, well, that's the way things look on me, including RTW.

I made them in a stretch cotton twill - I also was new to stretch trousers, so didn't know what sort of ease the fabric needed.

All in all, these trousers look fairly dated and frumpy.  But they work for the supermarket!!

The jacket is Simplicity 4032.  I think this is still in print, although close to the back of the jacket section now.

Simplicity 4032

The pattern did not need any alterations - a first for me.  Maybe I should try more Simplicity patterns.  I made the jacket in polar fleece.  I had not made anything in polar fleece before, and thought it would be a hardy but warm fabric for jobs such as supermarket shopping.  The sort of jacket you can toss into the back of the car when you get warm, without worrying too much.

The jacket certainly does the job it was designed for, but I have discovered that I don't really like polar fleece.  It's just too casual looking.  One day I will remake this jacket in a different fabric.

So, overall, this outfit does not work for me in a style sense at all.  Too casual, and too unfitted.  But it works for the chores until I can replace the clothes.  On the list....

I did manage to make the pants (McCalls 5239)  fit very nicely.  I did a lot more altering and fitting than that outlined by Palmer Pletsch.   Unfortunately, I did such a good job, that they are now  just a little too fitted around the waist area.  My weight fluctuates, and my middle tends to go in and out, so sometimes they are far too tight and uncomfortable.  This morning the middle was in, so I decided to take a picture of the more fitted trousers to show you:

I think these look a lot better than the sloppy purple trousers. I also think this sleek and slightly more chic and elegant look suits me better.  I do think I am going to have to find a better backdrop than the old garage door though!!!

What do you think of the plain and simple look - I think that is very much more me!  Still practical, but so much more chic.

Mind you, both looks serve different purposes...

Good luck with your sewing...

Sarah Liz


  1. Glad to hear you are on the mend!

    I like the tailored look too, and my waist tends to move in and out as well. I like to not stitch the smaller of the back darts. Then I encase elastic in the waist across the middle if the back waistband. This allows for movement during the day, keeps tops tucked in and covers any weight fluctuations. I prefer middle back elastic to side elastic. If you wear a belt then the elastic bit is covered.

    From what you have written about your trouser fit issues, it may be worth making a basic pants block then using that to draft patterns. 15 kilos ago I did this. It took a long time but was really valuable. I should do another one!

    Looking forward to more makes from you.

    1. What a good idea. So this is where there are two back darts at each side, you stitch the larger but not the smaller? Do you anchor the ends of the elastic at the other darts, or where? You'll realise I have the same issues and much prefer a tailored look. However, because I have a long torso but a short waist (ie high hip) I can't wear wider belts - I love the look on other people but it doesn't work for me. I'm about to start again on my basic pant block - I started last year but then lost weight. I was going to wait until I had lost more but I've regained a bit, unfortunately.

    2. I use the waistband to hold the elastic, anchoring the elastic to the waistband proper. The size of the elastic bit varies according to the waistband. I've used 2.5 cm elastic mostly, but have used 1.5cm elastic for a narrow waistband. 2cm elastic is good for retro-fitting jeans.
      The length of the elastic bit also varies, but equates roughly to a third of my back waist length. I find placing the elastic on the middle back means I don't have to worry about side curves and it just hold better.

      Hope that heps

    3. Thank you Accordion, both for the information above and your comment. I agree, elastic is a saviour for those of us with elastic waists (pardon the pun).

    4. Thank you, Accordion, for your helpful information and Sarah Liz for alerting me to your reply

  2. I like the blue pants with the black tops. Nice contrast of colors!

  3. What a fantastic idea to use your more plain [that you don't care too much for] outfits for the every day chores.. Just perfect.. I really like your tailored outfit,
    it looks nice on you, and the fit is great..
    Proud your fixing to be back sewing.. [Me too, hopefully].ha
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you Judy - and I hope you are back to sewing soon as well :)

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better and keeping up with MMM. Your outfit looks really great.

  5. I agree with you regarding pants patterns. Even when they say fitted slim pants on the pattern envelope, they are always too baggy on me. I have a flat seat but my legs are just regular sized (not thin). So I just have to assume that the big 5 pattern makers always supersize their pant legs in their pant patterns. Once you have tweaked the fit of a particular pattern, you can keep using it for almost all your pants. I have altered 1 stretch woven pants pattern that I have used 10 times already! Have fun!

    1. Yes, I have read that commercial patterns are always big in the leg (The Big 4, in any case). It makes you wonder what statistical average leg they are using.

  6. Glad you are feeling better. I like your makes. Especially the jacket. Good idea to make it in another fabric.

    1. Thank you, and yes, this jacket deserves a good fabric :)

  7. So glad you are feeling better. Your outfit looks very comfy.

  8. Glad that you Re feeling better. Plains are always handed just a same they are so boring to sew. I like both outfits, comfy works for me. I do like the blue colour

    1. Thank you Tracy - yes plains and basics are not the stuff of sewing dreams :)

  9. We do need different levels of 'casual' outfits it seems, don't we?! I think you look great and that outfit fits your lifestyle needs well. That jacket is a cute pattern.


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