Me Made May 14 Summary and A Trouser Muslin...

I had a Me Made Weekend last weekend.  DH and I went away - well, DH took me to Sydney, where I met a friend.  I'll tell you about that another time.  But today I want to show you why posting me made photos is not always visually stimulating. That's because I tend to wear basics, very much if you have a black jacket or cardigan and black pants, then you are always well dressed sort of style logic.  It works, especially when you go away - you can wear this sort of thing day or night.

So, on Day 1 of the weekend I wore:

 T-shirt is Kwik Sew 3766 - I have made a number of t-shirts from this pattern:

Kwik Sew 3766 

The trousers are McCalls 5239, a classic pants style by Palmer Pletsch:

 McCall's 5239
I made the version on the left hand side.  The trousers have darts front and rear, mock fly front zipper, and angled pockets.  It is sized for wovens.  I made these trousers out of stretch cotton sateen and had to take them in quite a bit.   They are very firm when I put them on - I can hardly do them up, but as is the way with stretch fabrics, by the end of the day they were loose and sliding down a bit.  They are though, very comfortable to wear, and for my first attempt at a stretch woven trouser, I was quite pleased with them.

I also wore the same trousers on Day 2 of the weekend, again with another t-shirt made from K

The trousers are looking quite worn by now - stretch always seems to get baggy, and there are a few wrinkles. But as I was going to sit in the car for a few hours on the drive home, this didn't really bother me - they were going to look far worse at the end of it.

So, my two black and white t-shirts came in handy for a weekend away - sometimes I like to eliminate choices and just make sure everything goes together - that way you can travel light.

I think that is it for Me Made May this year - next year I shall try to participate a little more - it takes time to have a comprehensive Me Made Wardrobe :)

Back home and there is work to do - isn't that always the case when you steal a couple of days away !  So I have not done much sewing.  I did make my trouser muslin up though.  I am sorry, the pictures are very "at home, not to be seen, busy doing housework and sewing".  I'm sure you have sewing moments like that as well :).  I'm also overdue for a haircut, so my hair is quite unruly at the moment!

The pattern I am trialling is Burda 6982.

 I haven't made a Burda pants pattern up before, so of course I start with a muslin.  I was wanting these trousers to be a formal pair, and had images of a nice looking classic pant.  Well, I found that the pants were not quite going to be what I wanted - which is one of the reasons  you make a muslin.

I cut size 8 hips and legs and size 12 waist.  I took three inches out of the leg length and they are still very long and not hanging properly.  And I know this is an old sheet, which is not the smartest look in the world. but I am finding that the trousers are just a little less tailored than I wanted.  I also need to take in the sides a bit and add a bit at the waist. And the pockets are quite sloppy:

I could probably fix this by stabilising the pocket edges and adding a little more tension to them when anchoring them. 

The back looks quite good:

Well, if you overlook the fact that they look remarkably like old sheets.  Don't forget they are not hemmed - if they were, I think they would hang quite nicely.

I did find the seat a little uncomfortable. Most alterations tell you to lower crotches, scoop out crotches for flat bottoms and so on.  I have always assumed I have a fallen  flat bottom, given my age,  but I have changed my mind.  I don't carry much weight, so I haven't got a bottom that has fallen much at all. It's small, and still pokes out a bit, but it isn't fleshy around the bottom area.  So I undid the back seam and let it out  re pinned it until it was comfortable.  Then I transferred all alterations to the pattern, and this is what I discovered:

Now, I have never seen anyone mention doing this - not until last night, when I looked through a book on tailoring.  I assumed it was about jackets, but there was a section on tailoring trousers as well.  And what did I find - an alteration for when the trousers feel tight at the rear.  Just like the one I worked out!

I think I have finally solved some of my problems with fitting trousers :).

I also marked the shape of my sides - I really am quite a straight figure type:

Now that I have worked all this out, I am going to put the pattern away for now - they are not the trousers I envisaged.  I think they would look lovely in a velveteen - the softly tailored look would work with velveteen. And be a great day or evening trouser.  I do have some in my stash, but really, I don't want to make them this year.  I will revisit this pattern sometime in the future.  They are not right for the job I had in mind.

That's it for now, off to look at what you  have been up to now :)

Sarah Liz


  1. The saga of fitting pants... Wishing you well with this. Always love a stripes top.

  2. It seems like people who are curvy tend to love Burda maybe those aren't the best for you.

    I love using sheets as pants muslin. So much material!!

    1. In my experience, all pattern companies cut for more curve than I have - there is not much difference given they all have the hourglass "ideal" as there basic starting point :)

  3. You look so happy and relaxed on your weekend getaway! Basics always work for traveling when one has to worry about packing, wrinkles and comfort! :) Sounds like your Burda pants foray wasn't all in vain as you learned about fitting yourself and your true body type. Pants are hard to figure out.... to me!

    1. Thank you Lisa, yes it was a good weekend away -breaks the spell of the everyday. Yes, each sewing exercise teaches you something :)

  4. Your black pants look great. I can understand and sympathise over the stretching. LOVE that black and white top. The fabric is fab. Your muslin is looking good.

  5. Congratulations for being part of MMM14.
    And also for sticking with making pants that fit. Once you get that right, who knows what you'll conquer next:)

    1. Thank you - I remember how it took you months to get a good fit :)

  6. So proud you had a nice getaway weekend.. You looked nice in your black and white.
    Pants fitting... oh how I hate it..ha So happy you found some answers to your problem.. Happy sewing.

  7. Sarah Liz, the weekend away obviously agrees with you - you look wonderful in that first photo and very chic in your black outfit. A small number of items which all match is definitely the way to go when packing - I do it too, and only have hand luggage. I really admire your efforts with making pants, and it will pay off for you over time. The last photo made me smile, as it looks like my pattern adjustments: widen the waist at the top of the hips - no hourglass figure for me!

    1. Thank you Patricia - yes, the art of packing :). Yes, the hourglass was never me, perhaps not you either :)


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